ASAP Rocky’s Yellow Hummer EV Truck Spotted in New York on Custom Wheels

The Hummer EV definitely doesn’t get enough aftermarket attention for how powerful and unique it is. But we may have an example that combines the first mods and celebrity ownership into one cool story. This bright yellow example belongs to rapper ASAP Rocky and was recently spotted on the streets of New York.

The sighting occurred over the weekend, and there are a few photos of him next to the vehicle too. Above all, we’re impressed to see these mods occurring so soon after the Hummer EV launch. Price-wise, this is supposed to be around $110,000 but because of high demand, examples have been selling for double that.

ASAP’s new ride is dressed from head to toe in bright yellow. Now, GMC could theoretically paint the truck yellow, but this is most likely a custom wrap because the body cladding and parts of the bumpers would normally be black plastic, and those are difficult to paint.

The yellow is a nice tribute to the older Hummer H1 and H2, which also came in this color. However, because it’s a pickup and not an SUV, this reminds us of the Honda Ridgeline as well.

The custom GMC truck is also sporting some custom wheels. Normally, the Hummer would sell with 18-inch alloys with an off-road look, but these gloss black units are at least 22 inches tall and their tires appear to be much wider.

We’re not sure what this does for the performance of this 1000 horsepower electric truck. The tires are kind of the biggest problem with this vehicle because they limit the top speed to 106 miles per hour. That’s not bad in the real world, but bad things happen in drag races against Hellcats, which are also popular with rappers.

As for the wheels themselves, it’s difficult to make out the logos, but we think these are Forgiatos. It’s a pretty logical choice on any celebrity vehicle.

ASAP Rocky is not necessarily the most famous rapper. However, he collaborated with the biggest names out there, like Drake and Kanye. A few years back, he ended up in Swedish jail for punching a guy, and then-president Donald Trump called the prime minister of the country while also taking to Twitter to ask Rocky to be released because “Sweden should focus on its real crime problem!”.

Trump also said (on Twitter) that he’d pay the bail money while also threatening trade restrictions against Sweden if Rocky was not released. This was a few years back when Kim and Kanye were still a unit. As we know, the Kardashians are big advocates of people who have been unfairly treated.

Right now, ASAP is dating long-time friend Rihanna, and their first child together has reportedly already been born. However, it’s not all calm waters and smooth sailing, since the rapper was arrested by the LAPD for a potential assault with a deadly weapon in Hollywood last year.



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