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2026 Porsche Cayenne EV Spied Testing Macan EV Technology

Electric Cayenne debuting in late 2025

How Greenvolt Next Lowers Business Costs with Renewable Energy

Consume what you produce on-site

EVs Ranked by Energy Recovered via Regenerative Braking Show Great Differences in ADAC Test

Lighter, less powerful EVs are still the most efficient (no captain here)

Greenvolt Enters Romania With Next Distributed Generation (110 MW Renewable Energy), 300 MW Wind Project for CfD

Romania has a massive potential for both small and large energy projects

Porsche 911 Hybrid (992.2) Preparing for 2025 Launch With Turbo Body

The initial 992.2 models will rely solely on internal combustion

EV Incentives in 2024: Europe, the US and China

Some European countries have dropped support, but it's a limited trend

How Much Did Mat Armstrong Pay to Rebuild the Wrecked BMW M3?

It's not as cheap as he claims

VW Scirocco Returning in 2028 As Electric Sports Car Based on Porsche 718

This or a Beetle EV? VW won't build both.

Smart #1 and #3 Get ESP Update After Failed Handling Tests

Smart now testing all its vehicles according to ADAC procedures

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