VW Scirocco Returning in 2028 As Electric Sports Car Based on Porsche 718

Porsche’s electric sports car range is growing in leaps and bounds this year: the updated Taycan, the new Macan EV, and the upcoming 718 Boxster. But Porsche is part of the VW Group, which loves to share platforms and components to offer more cars across a variety of brands. As such, VW may be looking to revive the Scirocco as early as 2028, and base it on the same architecture as the Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman.

The Scirocco is one of the most famous enthusiast cars VW has ever made. The first two generations were offered from 1974 until 1992, and a revival was produced between 2008 and 2017. But now the German company is reportedly planning to bring it back as an electric sports car.

The project hasn’t been approved yet, but sources say the German automaker is currently “studying internal design, engineering, and manufacturing proposals” for the Scirocco EV. According to Autocar, the plans just need to be green-lit by VW CEO Thomas Schafer.

The Scirocco would be ready by 2028 and would be based on the same version of the PPE platform as the next 718 Boxster and Cayman models. This architecture would also be employed by the Cupra Dark Rebel concept and the rumored Audi TT revival. All these models would have dual electric motors and a specific thin battery pack for sports cars, something similar to what Toyota is developing for the MR2 EV.

How much horsepower will the 2028 Scirocco EV have? Well, Volkswagen is undoubtedly planning several versions. The base model could have just one rear electric motor with 300-350 hp, like a base 718 Boxster EV. Meanwhile, the top-spec Scirocco R would develop around 450 hp (Cupra Dark Revel specification). Some of the performance will only be available through an overboost function, similar to the Taycan.

The battery pack should provide a decent driving range, around 250 miles, and the Scirocco EV should have DC fast-charging capabilities. However, some of the more advanced tech should be reserved for Porsche to keep the price low. We expect pricing for VW’s first electric sports car to start from around $50,000.

Turning a Porsche into a VW sounds like a crazy idea. But multiple such ventures have existed in the past. The Porsche 714, for example, was supposed to be sold as a Volkswagen with a base flat-four engine. In the 1970s, VW also hired Porsche to develop a cheap sports car for them. At the last moment, they ditched the project and decided to make a Golf/Rabbit-based sports car which is, ironically, the Scirocco.

So without the Scirocco, the 924 would be an Audi or a Volkswagen. And a VW-Porsche collaboration almost happened again. VW showed a concept called the BlueSport at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show with very real intentions for production.

It was a mid-engined 2-seat roadster with a 2-liter TDI of all things. Audi was planning the R4 with a 2.5 TFSI and Porsche would bring out the 356 roadster.



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