Mihnea Radu

My automotive journalism journey began in 2010. Back then, I thought driving supercars sideways while making clever jokes was the pinnacle of it all. It's not; this is about loving what you've got, having some fun with it, and talking to like-minded people. That's why I love sharing those crazy builds, those pointless drag races, and unrealistic renderings. I easily get excited about the latest sports cars and new interpretations of 80s classics, EV swaps, and expensive truck builds. Basically, I'm like that little kid who wants to know what's stronger between a muscle car and a stegosaurus.

Chris Labrooy’s Art Turns Porsche 911 and Other Classic Cars into Pool Float Animals

Art is all about defying expectations, making you see the world you know in a fresh way. Take the car, for example. The Porsche 911 moves with speed and purpose, and even...

1951 Hudson Wasp Hides Viper V10 Engine Under Custom Restomod Coupe Body

Almost four times the original power

1970 HEMI Cuda “Targa” Combines Plymouth Muscle With Porsche Style for an Exotic Look

There's just something sexy about the way the 1970 Plymouth Cuda looks. It's the epitome of muscle car design and Mopar V8 muscle in coupe form, and those rare HEMI convertibles can...

Volkswagen Wants to Use Golf GTI and Golf R Names for ID Electric Hot Hatchbacks

Can't put bigger turbos on an EV though

2003 Ford Thunderbird 007 Edition Is a Rare James Bond Car in Coral Paint

Is it as cool as an Aston? No. But it's got a Jaguar motor

Ford Bronco’s Matching Trailer Is the Rear Half of a Bronco Pre-Production Prototype

Meanwhile, you're still waiting for your Bronco delivery

Mid-Engined 2023 Volkswagen Golf R “Mecha” Has Digital Avante Design Widebody Kit

Like the W12 Golf 5, but with a Ferrari engine