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G3 Project by JP Performance Is a $350,000+ Golf 3 With a Mid-Mounted Audi V10

It costs supercar money to turn a Golf into a supercar

Chevy K5 Blazer ZR2 2024 Conversion Is Flat Out Autos’ KR2 SUV

The modern K5 Blazer Chevy won't build

Ford Mustang GTD Application Process Begins Early 2024, Deliveries Early 2025, Email Shows

With only 300 GTDs set to be made, the competition is fierce

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Porsche 911 Hybrid (992.2) Preparing for 2025 Launch With Turbo Body

The initial 992.2 models will rely solely on internal combustion

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Car? (Based on Income)

It's way less than you think

Crushed Cadillac Lyriq Prototype Shows Up at Scrap Yard, Still Camouflaged

It's just cheaper for carmakers to crush prototypes than upcycle parts


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Import This Japanese Honda S2000 Into the US, It’s Legal

Yes, it's legal to operate a right-hand drive car in the US

2025 Ford Capri EV Coupe-SUV Details Leaked: Specs, Range, Power and Design

Ford's answer to the ID5 is a VW in disguise

The Car Market Is Not Crashing, US Prices and Inventory Data Show

Prices have been largely stable for the past six months

BMW XM Carbon Fiber Body Kit by Renegade Design Is a Sinister SUV

The kit's name was inspired by Elon Musk

Dodge Demon 170 Real-World 1/4-Mile Time Surfaces in First Customer Run

Just like it happened with the SRT Demon a few years ago