Hey, we weren’t around back when every car was pretty much a widebody (those massive fenders were the norm through the 1940s) or when drag racing went big, right after WWII. But we’re here now when the world is bursting with memorable machines, and we love telling you all about the many sides of car culture.

From insane, fresh builds—some of them are made of pixels—to revived classics and even certain factory contraptions, these cars stand out and they bring the good vibz!

CARVIBZ was created by Mihnea Radu and Andrei Tutu, so here’s who we are:

Andrei Tutu

Since spraying, rinsing, and waxing are part of my weekly routine and as promised in my author description, I’m sharing some of my car-shower thoughts here.

-I sometimes wonder what archeologists of the future will think when discovering the ruins of self-service car washes. Will the decayed remains of these installations provide any clues towards the myriad of ideas that pop into people’s minds while they’re blasting liquid at over 2,000 PSI to get the dirt off their beloved rides?

-We don’t need showers in our homes anymore—hey, if you also include the clothes you’re wearing, this car cleaning service is basically a three-for-the-price-of-one deal! Make that four with the shoes.

-Should this sort of activity lead to any questions that need to be answered by your lawyer, you’re probably doing it wrong.

-Not everybody buys a Cybertruck or a DeLorean, so those of us with vehicles made of non-stainless steel might have to worry about rust while handling the nozzle, unless we drive around in patina muscle cars. Now that’s a life hack!

-How is the time up already? I’m not done rinsing! If I ever catch the golden fish, a pause button is my desire—feeling lazy, might extend this feature to life in general later.

Speaking of which, we can cover one or two more before the credit runs out:

-My favorite vehicle control? The hydraulic handbrake.

-My unfavorite vehicle control? The door handle (unfortunate clown car childhood incident. Also the reason I absolutely adore doorless Jeeps and the Ariel Atom).

Happy drip-drying, everybody, it’s the new water cooler chat!