Hellcat-Swapped Humvee 6X6 (Mid-Engined) Coming to SEMA 2023

If you’re looking for an automotive example of form following function, you can’t go wrong with the Humvee. Of course, when discussing this Hellcat-swapped Humvee 6×6 that’s gearing up for a SEMA 2023 debut, things are the other way around. Guess you’re in the Stance Army now!

Decommissioned Humvees have been sold to the public for quite some time now. Many of these military vehicles have had a rough life, so the fact that they can be relatively cheap comes with an important tradeoff, namely the massive investment they often need in order to be driven on the road. Of course, those aspects make the Humvee perfect for builders—here’s a slammed Humvee that can crab walk like the all-new GMC Hummer EV.

In this case, French enthusiast Alexandre Danton (@danton_arts_kustoms_usa on Instagram) is putting together the project in the Wiscounsin-based Frenchy Exports LLC shop.

The said shop first showcased some rendering of the eccentric machine in 2020, when it bought no less than three Humvee chassis for the job. Back then, the idea was to give the vehicle a Viper V10 swap. However, with Danton having started work on the project at the beginning of this month, we can clearly see a Hellcat V8 behind the passenger cell.

The mid-engined Humvee 6×6’s supercharged 6.2L Hellcat V8 has been given a Stage 1 upgrade and now makes around 830 hp while being mated to a GM automatic transmission.

The builder cut up one of the Humvee chassis (it’s a four-door) just behind the passenger cell, where he added a fabricated frame that allows the vehicle to ride extremely low to the ground—I warned you in the intro!

The added section features two axles with independent suspension, which sport a five-lug setup, just like the new front axle, which now works with a new power steering setup. And speaking of the front end, now that the engine has been moved away from here, this space holds a massive fuel cell feeding that Mopar heart of the beast.

There’s some serious body chopping going on here, while the rear end accommodates the F1-style wing—we have so many bits competing for the title of “ultimate opinion splitter” here.

The super-sized TIS Wheels, which work with coilover suspension (at least for now), conceal stopping hardware supplied by Wilwood brakes.

There’s still a lot of ground to cover before the Hellcat-swapped Humvee 6×6 is completed. Then again, this is true for many builds headed to the SEMA 2023 show, which is scheduled for October 31-November 3.

Plus, Danton, whom you can see next to his creation in the gallery, has built monsters like this Citroen 2CV Hot Rod with V8 firepower or the 6×6 Lamborghini Urus you might’ve seen on social media.

Does the US Army still use the Humvee? What about other armies?

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), entered service in 1983, replacing the original Army Jeep—this rotary-swapped Willys Jeep is on another level. And while it’s received numerous upgrades over the years—the armor is among the most notable—the US Army still uses the Humvee today. In fact, in 2022, the US Army awarded AM General a $733 million contract to build the Expanded Capacity Vehicle (ECV) version of the Humvee.

The ECV features upgraded suspension, brakes, and cooling, while adding extra anti-corrosion protection.

Many other armies across the world continue to use the Humvee, be it imported from the US or produced locally under license.



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