2025 Mercedes-AMG E63 Design Will Blow You Away, W214 Will Be a Hybrid 6-Cylinder

Despite the rise of crossovers and EVs, the Mercedes E-Class remains one of the most respected German cars. A brand new 2024 E-Class was just revealed two days ago, and we’ve gathered information about the all-new E63 AMG model which will surely follow.

The latest generation of the E-Class is very tech-focused. What appears to be just another German sedan at first glance is actually packed with new features, such as the triple screens which can be scattered all over the dashboard. There’s even a sort of selfie camera that allows for video calls to be made.

But being able to watch TikTok and play Angry Birds is arguably less important for a German sedan than being able to go fast. Hybrid powertrains are now standard on both the E350, which is equipped with a four-cylinder, and the E450, which is fitted with an inline-6 paired to a 23-hp electric motor.

However, where the regular E-Class uses hybrid technology for the sake of efficiency, the new E63 will work more like an F1 race car. Mercedes has not officially confirmed the existence of this car, but it has revealed a new performance flagship will be available at some point, and it will have a six-cylinder engine.

That’s right, the E63 is going to downsize from a V8 to a six-cylinder. However, it won’t be as disappointing as the E53. Where that car didn’t receive much help from electricity when it came to accelerating, the 2025 Mercedes-AMG E63 will be blisteringly fast, potentially the fastest plug-in hybrid in the world.

New E63: insane specs

The technology has already been pioneered by the new C-Class. Specifically, the C63, which has downsized from a V8 as well, now packing a 2-liter turbo in the C63 S E Performance guise. Fear not, because total power output has radically risen, from about 500 to 680 hp. With a 0 to 62 mph time of 3.4 seconds, it’s way quicker than the outgoing model.

How have they done that? The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder is fitted with an electric turbocharger, so the system is less reliant on exhaust gasses to generate power. Less lag also means they can give it more boost. For the E63 S E Performance, Mercedes will apply the same formula to its 3.0-liter inline-6 engine which will generate around 550 hp on its own.

One electric motor will be added to the mix, making at least 204 hp and fitted with its own 2-speed gearbox. Even though it’s located at the back, the powertrain will have AMG-tuned 4Matic+ AWD, which means EV power can be shuffled around to where it’s needed.

But don’t go thinking this is some EV-like car. The battery is small, only about 6 kWh, and designed to dump all its juice at once. The other downside is weight. The old E63 was already heavy, but at around 2.2 tons, the 2025 model will rival SUVs. And when the battery isn’t fully charged, you having only a 6-cylinder turbo might feel like a downside. With the C63, the full 680 hp is only available for quick 10-second bursts. So even though the E63 might be fast in a drag race, it will struggle to do this repeatedly. Good thing there’s already an EQE53 AMG already on the market.

The design: a quick preview of the W214 E63

Mercedes has taken a cookie-cutter approach to design lately, making it much easier to know what the new E63 will look like. These are renderings from the website Kolesa, which apply the AMG treatment to the regular 2024 E-Class sedan.

The streamlined body is paired up with a new front bumper which integrates bigger air intakes and a new Panamericana-style grille with an EQE-like appearance. The car also gets bigger wheels, lowered suspension, and the usual quad exhaust system.

There’s something missing from this design, though, and that’s the wide track. The C63 essentially has a whole new front end because of the hybrid system, with a different axle-to-firewall distance and everything. If they do the same with the E63, it going to echo the special treatment given to the E500.

One thing’s for sure, this segment is about to get heated because BMW is potentially putting a hybrid V8 into its next M5.


  1. No, that does not blow me away at all. On looks it is fantastic, but on powertrain is lackluster and not worthy of being called an AMG now let alone the six figure pricetag.


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