2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 Shows Gaping Intakes for Hybrid Turbo Four-Cylinder in Accurate Render

Almost a decade ago, AMG put its name on the A-Class, creating the A45 AMG. While enthusiasts argued about a 2L turbo-four not being suitable for the Affalterbach badge, the hot hatch became extremely popular, more than doubling its initial sales target. Well, the time has almost come for Mercedes-AMG’s turbo-four to land on a rear-wheel drive sedan with a rich history, as the 2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 will ditch its V8 for such a motor working as part of a high-output hybrid configuration. And we can now enjoy a rendering of the paradigm shifter based on the tons of spy material out there.

Last decade, the performance divisions of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes realized they could reach a much larger audience by diversifying their offer. Thus, the emission-driven downsizing went from a potential problem to an opportunity.

So while people said crazy things when the C63 went from a 6.2L N/A V8 to a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 back in 2014, sales went up. And the same can be said for the various Mercedes-AMG packages, as well as for the “43” six-cylinder models AMG started releasing later in the decade. Speaking of which, the current W206 iteration of the compact sedan has replaced that with the Mercedes-AMG C53. And this is the one that serves as a base for the rendering we have here.

The CGI seems accurate

Digital artist Marouane Brembli (aka TheSketchMonkey), builds on the 2022 C53 and the first thing he replaces is the lower front fascia. The questionable fake side intakes are thus turned into real ones, with the artist borrowing the lower front end of the Mercedes-AMG GT63 four-door for this.

The wheels, brakes included, are also revised, with the pixel master mentioning his hope for a clean approach—it’s hard to argue with somebody requiring Mercedes-AMG to stick to an imposing, elegant image rather than play the visual game in the all-aggressive BMW manner.

Even so, the artist manifests his nostalgia, if you can even use this word when mentioning a car that has yet to be replaced, comparing his rendering with the outgoing C63 once the work is complete.

An uber-complex powertrain for the 2023 C63

As we mentioned when bringing you a rendering of the 2023 Mercedes-AMG CLE 63, the coupe that’s expected to replace the two-door versions of the C-Class and E-Class, the German carmaker has already confirmed the said hybrid powertrain of the just-around-the-corner 2023 C63.

Meanwhile, autocar spoke to the company, obtaining the output numbers of the future model. And while no amount of engineering will make up for the soundtrack of a V8, we’ll get more power and lots of it—this 2023 C63 Wagon prototype spotted at the Nurburgring provides an aural sample for you.

The 2023 Mercedes-AMG C63’s right pedal will command a total of 670 hp (670 PS) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm). The powertrain mixes the M139 2.0L turbo-four from the A45 models—mounted longitudinally and boosted from 416 to 470 hp)—with a 201 hp electric motor mounted at the rear axle.

And, to fight turbo lag, the uber-complex hardware also involves a 48V mild-hybrid starter/motor that fills in the low-rev torque gap. The output is sent to the wheels (optional 4Matic AWD will be a novelty for the C63) using a nine-speed, torque converter automatic.

Despite the system’s hefty component count, the powertrain is still expected to be lighter than the TT V8 it replaces, while lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity and offering a better front-to-back weight distribution.

A Mercedes-AMG C73 retaining the V8 is rumored

The 2023 C63 is expected to land in the coming weeks. However, making memes about the not-so-cute effects of the downsizing won’t be as easy as in the past, especially since the Germans have recently launched the AMG One hypercar. Closely linked to the company’s F1 efforts, this mixes a turbo-four displacing just 1.6-liters (566 hp) with four electric motors for a total output of 1,049 hp.

And while the halo car isn’t offered in America, if Mercedes-AMG goes ahead and builds the rumored C73 model, a V8 beast the artist also mentioned in the video below, you can bet this is coming stateside.



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