2023 Toyota Prius “Hardcore” Has Zephyr Widebody Kit, Quad Exhaust and GT3 Wing

The 2023 Toyota Prius is like Vegan Spread: you can’t believe it’s not butter! After more than 20 years on the market, Toyota completely reinvented the original hybrid car and created something new, something which gets JDM fans excited.

The 2023 Prius is perfect in most ways, faster, more efficient, and cooler than before. However, it doesn’t quite have the look of an “import.” Many believe that the new hybrid model needs the same kind of modifications you’d see on a SEMA-bound Supra.

They will surely happen, as there are several shops that already specialize in body kits for this car. That’s if you don’t want to buy a Prius Modellista from Toyota themselves. Until the end of the year, when the tuning projects come out, we can only dream of unlocking its full potential with some epic Prius widebody renderings.

One such rendering comes from the popular artist Zephyr Designz, who just presented his vision: the 2023 Prius Pro Black Edition with a “Hardcore” widebody kit of his making. In case you didn’t know, “Hardcore” is a kind of brand or concept for 3D cars renderings, when you go as hard with the modifications as a racing team building the next DTM or WRC winner.

The Hardcore Prius boasts an obvious widebody kit with a 3-inch increase on either side of the car. This is a molded body, meaning it’s smooth, not bolted onto the existing body. The overall design looks similar to the way an Audi RS7 differs from a regular A7. And there’s even a 2023 Toyota Prius taxi with a Zephyr widebody as an extra chapter of this 3D story.

Prius body kit has a German look

To make itself known as a serious piece of kit, the Prius Black Edition also features brushed or satin paint, or “frozen” as BMW liked to call it. Everything else goes with the black theme, the gloss black trim, the tinted windows, the tinted lights, and a set of Rotiform wheels. These are the ZMO-M, a cast monoblock, and I believe they’re only made as 19s right now.

Some serious mods have been made to the front end. A carbon fiber hood is installed, along with an aggressive bumper with large honeycomb grilles. Small grille openings appear next to the headlights but also vents to extract air from the wheel arches.

Finally, we arrive at the back of the Harcore Prius, where Zephyr chose to install a large wing in the same style as the Porsche 911 GT3. The tinted taillight bar now looks like it’s off a Dodge Challenger and a diffuser integrates the F1-style third brake light. Perhaps most importantly, the tuned Prius now boasts a sports exhaust system with quad tips, which look a lot like the Akrapovic system offered on certain European models. Check out Zephyr’s widebody VW Golf R… maybe it will jog your memory.

Now that it’s 2024, the new Prius got a real widebody from Kuhl

As an update for 2024, here’s one of the first, if not the first widebody kit for the new Toyota Prius, developed by Japanese developer Kuhl Racing. The kit made its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, accompanied by a special shade of paint that links the Prius to Kuhl’s widebody 2024 Nissan GT-R.



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