G80 BMW M3 Bumper Conversion Brings Huge Kidney Grille to Old E39 5 Series

While an important part of the car community has embraced the ever-increasing size of BMW’s kidney grille, what would you say to a car guy who’s building a G80 BMW M3 bumper conversion for the E39 5 Series of the 2000s?

It’s no secret that some owners of older BMW models like to give them bumper conversions that integrate styling cues from recent models. One of the most common examples includes the E90 3 Series from the 2000s getting a front apron styled after that of the F87 M2 that went out of production in 2016.

However, this G80 BMW M3 bumper conversion targets the E39 5 Series. An enthusiast known on social media as Unici Design is working on this transformation for his 1999 528i. So while this is not a beaten path, if you wanted to buy such a bumper from a shop, it would cost you $300 or more–that price depends on the model and quality and you’d have to add painting and installation.

The G80 M3 bumper conversion is part of a larger restyling

Back in May, when the man first showcased the project, he had taped the G80 front bumper over that of the E39. Meanwhile, the aficionado added automotive styling clay that also covers parts of the headlights and the edge of the hood for better integration.

The builder explains limited access to a shop means progress is slow, but estimates he’ll complete the car by the end of August. It’s worth noting that the G80 BMW M3 bumper conversion is just part of this E39’s transformation.

The rest of it is showcased in a set of renderings from digital artist Mike Dog, whose strictly virtual 1969 Dodge Charger-1967 Mustang mashup shows he’s no stranger to such projects. Then again, we can say the same about Unici Design, who gifted an S197 Mustang with an S550 GT500-inspired front end in real life.

With that super-sized grille and the restyled headlights, the E39 5 Series now resembles the LD-generation Dodge Charger (2011-2014 model years). Elsewhere, the 528i gets minimalist fender flares, a reworked rear bumper with a wide diffuser, and a generously-sized ducktail spoiler above it all.

We’ll update the story once we have the photos of the finished build, but now that the Dodge crowd has been pulled into the chat, we’re expecting a heated debate once this Bimmer hits the road.



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