Lifted Audi RS6 “allroad” Is the C8 Offroad Build We Needed

In this day and age when carmakers are cutting models and engine ranges to streamline production, Audi has been generous to the current A6. So, even in the US, which typically receives less variety than the Old Continent, you can get crazy wagons like the 2024 A6 allroad quattro and the 2024 RS6 Avant. But why not enjoy both Ingolstadt rockets in a single car? Enter the lifted Audi RS6 “allroad”, a C8-generation build that speaks volumes about the power of the aftermarket in 2024.

As its many fans will tell you, Audi is one of those brands where the various derivatives of a model can make a world of difference. And, considering that we’re seeking performance here, you’ll probably be pleased to hear this is an RS6 with A6 allroad-like aftermarket work rather than the other way around.

The reasons for our joy should be obvious, but one example favoring the RS6 is the quattro AWD system. While the factory Audi A6 allroad quattro, with its turbocharged 3.0L V6, has an AWD system that can send up to 60% of the power to the rear wheels, the RS6’s quattro AWD can deliver up to 85% of the power to the rear (both feature self-locking center diffs).

Built in Southern California

The lifted Audi RS6 “allroad” (the final particle is our nickname) was built by Pacific German. Based in Southern California, the specialist has worked on multiple C8s before, having even held the (micro) record for the world’s quickest C8 RS6 (2021+) thanks to a monster that did the quarter-mile in 10.2s at 134 mph.

However, those were all asphalt runners, while this project answers the question many of us had when seeing an RS6 tearing it up in the snow, for instance—how far could this Autobahn hauler go with a boosted ride height? As for rocks wishing to eat up the Audi Exclusive Mocha Latte factory paint, the PPF (paint protection film) is there to leave them hungry.

The list of changes on the lifted Audi RS6 “allroad” starts with reworking the suspension and including a 3-inch lift kit, an off-the-shelf unit the team tested on the Audi with great results. Then we have 18-inch Forgeline wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich K02 all-terrain tires featuring much larger sidewall. It’s worth noting that somebody on Instagram asked about rubbing, with the specialist ensuring us the build knows no such issues.

The RS6 “allroad” sits 5.5 inches higher than normal

Fitting this wheel and tire combo wouldn’t be allowed by the absoultely massive front brakes of the RS6, so the team fitted what they call downsized RS brakes instead, albeit without mentioning the exact details other than the addition of stainless steel lines.

Other mods includes skid plates for underbody protection, a pair of light bars up front (white and yellow LEDs) and a bit of engine work. Thus, the twin-turbo 4.0L V8 got Unitronic tuning, CSF intercoolers and an Akrapovic exhaust—the result brings over 700 hp to mix with those offroading urges.

Compared to the factory RS6, this example offers an extra 5.5 inches of ground clearance. That’s 3 inches from the lift kit and 2.5 inches courtesy of the new tires.

Of course, if ride height is what you cherish the most, there’s always the factory Audi RSQ8 with the same engine. But if you’re here reading about the project, chances are you’ll find this modded uber-wagon cooler than the factory super SUV.

Plus, you may also wish to take a look at this lifted Audi R8 Rally giving the Huracan Sterrato a hard time for a much smaller budget. And now that Audi has ended production of the R8 (March, 2024), this is one fitting ode to the German supercar.



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