2024 Volkswagen Passat Alltrack Looks Set to Replace the Audi Allroad

The all-new 2024 Volkswagen Passat has just been revealed. Because the car is much bigger than before, it now offers comparable space to premium mid-size vehicles such as the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes E-Class. Only one body style exists, as the B9 Passat has been developed as a wagon. However, we have a clear indication that a 2024 Passat Alltrack will begin testing in a few months and will debut next year.

VW has been putting body cladding on cars since 1990’s Golf Country 4×4. However, the Alltrack brand was created only in 2013, and the Passat Alltrack came about in 2014. Of course, being an MQB-based wagon, it wasn’t available in America.

This all-new Passat B9 model is also Europe-only, designed as a wagon autobahn cruiser, just like the Germans want. So why do we think there will be a 2024 Passat Alltrack? Well, because they’ve already created one body kit for the car, the R-Line, and all the technology required is already installed.

To make it look more rugged, Volkswagen will add cladding to the fenders and redesign the front and rear bumpers with black cladding. The Passat Alltrack will also get a small 15mm suspension lift, revised interior trim, and badging. To get a better feel for all these changes, we bring you an accurate pair of renderings from Kolesa that show the new Passat Alltrack from both the front and rear.

Several versions of the 2024 Passat already come with AWD. This is a 4Motion on-demand AWD, which engages the rear wheels when it senses slip, thus saving fuel. To make the Alltrack into a soft-roader, engineers will create the “Offroad” drive mode, optimized for off-road terrain and featuring hill descent control.

Two engine options should be available on the Passat Alltrack. First, there’s the 2.0 TSI turbo making 265 PS (261 hp), followed by the 2.0 TDI rated at 193 PS( 191 hp). But to keep emissions down, VW might also need a plug-in hybrid.

The new Passat has grown in length by 144mm to a massive 4,917mm. This has two benefits. Rear legroom has increased by 50mm (2 inches), while cargo space has grown by 40 liters to 690 liters (24.4 cubic feet). That alone makes the 2024 Passat Alltrack a more practical family car than the next Tiguan.

Volkswagen actually claims that the 2024 Passat pushes into the upper mid-size segment. Peugeot, Opel, and Ford all stopped developing large cars, which means VW is actually targeting premium buyers. And from what we understand, even Audi will pull the plug on the Allroad models.

Both the A4 and A6 Allroad models have been discontinued from the UK market in 2022. Soon, all even numbers will belong exclusively to Audi EVs, with the A6 e-tron already previewed.



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