Mk4 Toyota Supra “Coke Bottle Supercar” Is an Epic Widebody Rendering

The Mk4 Toyota Supra came out almost 30 years ago and is one of the most recognizable sports cars on the planet. Its features include simple curves, rounded headlights, a long hood, and sometimes a wing. But this next rendering takes all those shapes to extremes, making the iconic Supra into a modern exotic car.

A good Supra is technically already an exotic. With the right mods, the 2JZ can be one of the fastest and most expensive cars at the drag strip as we saw at the last TX2k. Also, it’s an extremely desirable classic. Last year, the 1994 Supra that Paul Walker drove in Fast & Furious sold for $550,000 at Barrett-Jackson, and that’s despite it being virtually stock under the hood and fitted with an automatic. Yuck!

This next rendering makes the MK4 Supra look like it cost $550,000 right from the factory. Fans of our articles might already recognize the work of rendering artist Hycade. He’s got a certain style of 3D work which he uses to exaggerate everything from the Camaro muscle car to the Audi RS6 wagon.

More exotic-looking than a Lexus LFA

The main thing is to visually highly the widebody kit with vents. Just look at the front fenders. Notice how they have horizontal fish gills right next to the headlights? That’s an idea that’s probably borrowed from Audi RS models. Meanwhile, the rear portion of the fenders is cut out and black, like on some D1-style kits.

A large new chin spoiler can also be seen clearly. And while we have seen plenty of Supra vented hoods, this one looks fit for an Aston Martin V12. Everywhere you look, this JDM classic adopts elements from European exotics.

Meanwhile, rear fenders are massively blown out, connecting to the ground effects of the side skirts. These are reminiscent of various Lamborghini Aventador body kits, from Novitec, Mansory, or even Liberty Walk.

And at the back, a large diffuser adds four vertical fins. Again, we’re reminded of Lamborghinis, such as the Veneno or Centenario. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Supra without big wheels and a gigantic wing.



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