GRMN Supra Rumored to Have Toyota 7-Speed DCT, Production Limited to 200 for Japan

We were among the first to report that Toyota is working on a GRMN Supra. And now that road testing has begun, we have fresh information regarding the debut date, horsepower, engine, gearbox, and price of this Nurburgring-tuned last version of the A90 Supra sports car.

Best Car Web, a popular Japanese magazine, has the inside track on the GRMN Supra. According to their latest report, Toyota will test some important new features that may set this apart from any other Japanese car.

The expected powertrain remains the same, a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6. This is the same S58 engine found in the BMW M3/M4, and the GRMN Supra reportedly makes 550 PS, or 543 hp, just like the M4 CSL. Frankly, Supra fans will be happy with any twin-turbo factory setup over 500 ponies.

It’s strange that BMW is giving Toyota access to its best 6-cylinder engine. But it’s even stranger that Toyota is using its own gearbox. Best Car claims the GRMN uses a special 7-speed double-clutch gearbox developed in-house. So it’s not the 8-speed ZF that everyone uses and presumably not the old BMW DCT from a few years back.

The report ties in with previous ones which suggest the GR Yaris and GR Corolla are getting an auto gearbox option next year. While the Supra has nothing in common with the two hot hatchbacks, it suggests Toyota is serious about performance cars.

GRMN Supra production will be in the low thousands

It will not only be fast and powerful, but also expensive and rare. The base price of a GRMN Supra is said to be around 13 million Japanese yen, which is equivalent to $87,000. Even that seems like a bargain considering it will be quite rare.

Best Car claims only about 200 units of the GRMN will be sold in Japan when it launches before the middle of 2024. By comparison, the GR Yaris was limited to 500 units in 2022 for the same market. Based on these numbers, we believe the total global production of the GRMN Supra will be 2,000-3,000 units.

It will be the last version of the A90 to be developed before Toyota begins work on the A100. Rumor has it the new model will come out by 2026 as both an EV and an inline-6.



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