2025 Toyota Supra GRMN Getting 543 HP Engine from M4 CSL, Could Cost $90,000

Toyota is about to debut its most powerful production sports car ever. The 2025 Supra GRMN will come out towards the end of the year, featuring extreme modifications to its body and BMW’s best, most powerful 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine.

BMW has been reluctant to make another generation of the Z4 M with the engine from the M4. However, Toyota doesn’t have a direct equivalent to the M4, and its Supra has been way more successful than the Z4. Thus, the GRMN Supra was approved for development over a year ago.

According to the Japanese website Best Car Web, the GRMN Supra will debut at the end of 2023 and will go on sale next year in Japan, but could be a 2025 model year in America. We already have the 2024 model year Supra, with its 45th Anniversary Edition launched.

The GRMN Supra will be the last new version developed for the current A90 generation. After that, the Japanese engineers will immediately begin work on the next sports car. The A100 Supra will come out in 2025 or 2026 and will be offered both with an inline-6 and a pure EV powertrain.

Getting back to the GRMN Supra, two very important numbers have been added to this equation. Best Car claims it will have “550 PS” and cost “13 million yen.” The first number means this hardcore Toyota sports car will feature the same engine as the BMW M4, a twin-turbo 3.0-liter. The output is identical to the M4 CSL at 543 horsepower.

Previous reports claimed the GRMN Supra would have 520 PS or 513 hp, which is still better than an M4 Competition. Honestly, we’re surprised BMW let Toyota use its best engine, but it’s probably because the production numbers will be low. For reference, Toyota is making 8,600 GR Corolla hot hatchbacks for the 2023 model year.

The A90 series started with the 2020 Supra which only produced 335 hp from the B58 engine. As everybody knows, the output was underrated, and by the 2021 model year, it had risen to 382 hp. The S58 is a much more advanced, twin-turbocharged performance version, and it’s also found in the M3, M3 Touring, X3 M, and X4 M.

GRMN Supra price

And as for the price, 13 million yen is equivalent to about $92,000 at today’s exchange rate. The actual U.S. market price could be slightly lower due to tax differences. However, we’re probably still looking at Toyota’s most expensive sports car yet.

The BMW M4 Coupe costs 13 million in Japan as well, but is under $80,000 in the States. Regardless, total GRMN Supra production will number in the thousands or maybe even hundreds, which means dealer markups will be huge, easily pushing it past $100k.

GRMN is short for Gazoo Racing Meister of Nurburgring, and it means the Supra will receive some hardcore modifications aimed at track use and improved lap times. Like the GR Yaris, we believe Toyota will offer carbon fiber for the hood and roof, either standard or as an option. The Supra will also feature upgraded suspension, lighter wheels, stronger brakes, and other chassis changes.



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