Toyota Prius Kuhl Widebody Debuts R-Brand Wheels in Tokyo

If you’re out there seeking a widebody for your new Toyota Prius, you should know that Japanese tuner Kuhl Racing revealed just that at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 (TAS2024). and it looks like their most important demo car for this year.

The badassery Toyota injected into the fifth-gen Prius hasn’t gone unnoticed by tuners. From Toyota’s in-house aftermarket specialist Modellista to Kuhl, Japanese developers have already offered various aero kits for the now-sporty hybrid. However, now that the XW60 Prius has entered its second year of production (MY2024 in the US), the level of visual customization means nobody in the world can now mistake this for a factory vehicle.

While Kuhl was already (please excuse the pun) big in Japan, the tuner became a worldwide sensation some years ago when showcasing an engraved-metal R35 Nissan GT-R. The company is showcasing a widebody for the final 2024 model year GT-R in Tokyo, which adds 1.2 inches (30mm) on each side. However, it didn’t label this as “one of the most eye-catching demo cars” on its website, leaving that title for the Prius!

The two lead a six-vehicle group—a third of the company’s TAS2024 presence—showcasing a new shade of champagne gold paint the tuner calls Elegant Gold. And while both received new wheels, we couldn’t help but notice how the Verz-Racing VRF01R super concave forged wheels of the widebody Prius (partially) resemble the factory wheels used for the Nissan GT-R’s debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2007.

For the record, Kuhl’s new R-series wheels come in a 20-inch size and, thanks to their 10J-3 profile, can only be fitted to widebody machines like this Prius. Kuhl’s widebody Prius also sports an Air Force air suspension, which can be seen here in its low-to-the-ground setting.

Kuhl Widebody Prius details

The Kuhl Widebody Kit for the Prius starts with a dual-layer front lip spoiler, whose vertical side plates are mirrored on the frontal section of the complex-design side skirt extensions. The front overfenders are split between the fender area and the front bumper. As for the rear overfenders, these cover the rear doors, rear fender area, and rear bumper.

The three-piece rear spoiler is one-upped by the massive rear diffuser, while Kuhl says it offers a 3D rear bumper. it’s worth mentioning that while the current style leaves plenty of room for a custom rear muffler, the tuner is also preparing a futuristic muffler-less style rear bumper.

Aisin’s “metallic finish” painting technique makes plastic feel like metal to the touch

Kuhl didn’t stop here, though, also fitting its widebody Prius with front door handles sporting a copper-like finish that offers a metallic finish for the plastic element.

This is a painting technique developed by Aisin, which comes in multiple finishes—dark chrome is another example—and doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s smart key communication.

And, once you’re done with the Kuhl widebody 2024 GT-R in the images below, you can check this and the widebody Prius arriving at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 via the clip at the bottom of the story. Or, better yet, see the Kuhl-modded machines on the show’s floor in the second video.

Photo credits: Kuhl Racing and trashracing/Instagram



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