2024 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Successor 3D Concept by Hycade Is Diabolically Exotic

Lamborghini is widely regarded as one of the top supercar makers. The brand is pretty much synonymous with the word “exotic.” However, fresh Lamborghini V12 supercars don’t come out very often, and when they do, they influence a whole generation. After the Diablo, Countach, Murcielago and Aventador, we’ll get the “successor” which is yet to have a name but is eagerly awaited. We know it’s a hybrid with a lot of power, but what does it look like?

Every Lamborghini V12 series has a specific design, which rapidly becomes iconic through posters, wallpapers, toys, and video games. The Countach has that Miami vice retro wedge look. The Diablo appears in all the old video games and looks radical when customized by Japanese tuners. The Murcielago is the star of the 2000s, television and… Top Gear. Meanwhile, the Aventador is modern, appearing in Transformers movies.

For the future, Lamborghini is preparing the 2024 “successor“, designed to meet the latest regulations for emissions or exhaust sound while also bringing new and entertaining tech. Of the numerous renderings that are out there, this is one of our favorites, created by artist Hycade as a successor to the Aventador SVJ specifically.

What is the Aventador SVJ?

Good question. All Lambo V12 supercars have stayed in production for a long time. And I’m not talking about special models like the Veneno here. The original Aventador came out in 2011 as the LP700-4, denoting its 700 PS (European hp).

In 2015, Lamborghini upped its game with the Aventador LP750-4 SV, which stands for SuperVeloce. A track-focused machine, this has more aero elements and aggressive styling, culminating with a diffuser and fixed rear wing. In 2017, Lamborghini facelifted the Aventador. By 2018, the SVJ version was ready, featuring even more track-focused gear.

Its trademarks include aero elements which stand out against the body and a distinctive wing with three supporting struts, a bit like the Veneno. They only made 900 of these and prices are always going up because people just love them. The result of all this aero: 40% more downforce yet -1% drag compared to the old SV.

So that explains why this is an “SVJ successor” rendering and not a regular Aventador successor. You’ve got the pointy wing with the fancy struts, the aero and the black body kit (carbon) against the silver body. The only thing wrong here is the double exhaust tip design, which is the same as a regular 2024 model.

It will be some time before we see another SVJ-like car, though. If the regular model debuts in 2024 with 1,050 horsepower, Lamborghini might wait until 2028-2029 to reveal the track version. Then again, with the electric revolution just around the corner, they might not have that much time.



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