Listen to the Hybrid V12 of the 2024 Lamborghini Aventador Successor Out on the Road

We are just months away from the introduction of the next Lamborghini V12 “core range” model. And one might argue that the Aventador’s successor is under more pressure than any of its ancestors. That’s because the supercar market is more diverse than ever, thanks to young or reborn names and, of course, the ever-looming EV threat.

For over a year now, we’ve been spotting prototypes of the Aventador replacement, with Lamborghini having confirmed the new V12 supercar will bow in late March 2023.

And, for today, we’ve brought along a fresh spy video capture just outside the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese (lens tip to YouTuber Varryx). The clip shows a pair of prototypes, one of which comes with emission testing hardware, giving us a soundcheck.

Despite the low revs and speed, you can still notice the distinct soundtrack of the 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto—this name is tentative, being based on a trademark the carmaker filed with the European Intellectual Property Office for the said name earlier this year.

Those decibels come from a naturally aspirated V12 that’s being kept alive via hybridization. The engine, which is based on the Aventador’s 6.5-liter unit, only the third all-new V12 in the history of the company, is expected to offer well above 800 hp—the overall output of the hybrid powertrain should hit 1,050 horsepower.

The exact electric hardware present on the mid-engined Italian machine hasn’t been disclosed yet. However, Lamborghini has already offered concepts and limited production models featuring supercapacitor technology. The hardware can charge and release energy quicker than conventional batteries. However, while batteries can sustain longer electric-only trips, supercapacitors are more fit for short bursts of extra power.

Speaking of which, previous interior spyshots have shown that the Aventador replacement offers an all-electric driving mode, while the redline of the naturally aspirated V12 starts at 8,500 rpm.

The 2024 Lamborghini V12 supercar will turn heads like no other

With its uber-wide wedge look, its unmistakable V12 growl and its dramatic Independent Shifting Rod (ISR) transmission, essentially a more evolved single-clutch automated manual, the Aventador stood out in the supercar crowd between 2011 and 2022.

Its replacement should switch to a more efficient dual-clutch transmission, but make no mistake: the Italian engineers have their ways of generating drama, so the driving experience will stand out on itself rather than rely on the silly-high horsepower numbers you see in so many places nowadays.

The platform should be an evolution of the one underpinning the Aventador. And while the traditionally aggressive Lambo design means visibility won’t necessarily improve, you can expect the newcomer to be easier to drive around town.

Following the said debut of the 2024 model year Lamborghini V12 supercar, the automaker will release more electrified models for its main lineup. So, before the 2024 calendar year, we’ll see a successor for the Huracan (boy, the Huracan Sterrato factory “off-roader” sure is crazy), which may or may not keep the V10, as well as a PHEV iteration of the Urus SUV.



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