Mansory Turns Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E into the Most Extreme Hybrid 4-Door

The most extreme version of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4-Door used to be the Brabus Rocket 900, which used a modified twin-turbo setup for the 4.0-liter V8 to produce 900 hp. However, there’s a new bad boy in town, the 880 horsepower Mansory Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance.

The name is long and complicated, but this is essentially a heavily modified version of the plug-in hybrid car. The new C63 is a plug-in, and the E63 will be as well, but this program all started with the 63 S E Performance, and it’s interesting to see what tuners can do with that powertrain.

Obviously, the most extreme plug-in vehicles in the world are supercars, such as the $507,000 Ferrari SF90 Stradale or the new Lamborghini Revuelto. So does Mansory’s toy play in that league? Well, no. But there’s only one in the world right now, so custom car collectors probably want it.

It was listed until recently on AutoScout24, and although we can’t tell you what it sold for, it’s probably close to $500,000, similar to the Brabus Rocket 900. So you can stop hating Mansory for making “ugly cars” and maybe start appreciating their craftsmanship a little more.

Mansory-tuned hybrid V8

As far as we can remember, Mansory has never tuned a hybrid sports car before, only an SUV. Stock, this motor is already the most impressive Mercedes-AMG has yet to produce. The 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 combined with its eclectic rear axle produces an impressive 831 hp and 1,023 lb-ft (1,400 Nm) of torque. Once tuned, the output goes up to 880 hp and 1,098 lb-ft (1,490 Nm).

Which allows for a 0 to 62 mph sprint time of 2.8 seconds and a 200 mph (320 km/h) top speed. Now, that’s only slightly better than stock. However, it’s very impressive for a car that weighs about 2.4 metric tons and makes this way quicker than a Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-hybrid. We can’t think of any hybrid four-door that’s quicker.

What Mansory has done to the GT 63’s body

Unless we’re mistaken, this particular AMG GT 63 S could by the AMG Special Edition, which on its own costs from €218,674 ($245,000). What’s special about it? Mainly the paint, Green Hell Magno, which Mansory didn’t mess with.

However, they did completely revise the design. At the front, it features a brand new grille design and a new lower bumper section with deeper ar intakes. Small wings are added to the bumper, as well as the chin spoiler which is reminiscent of the AMG Black Series coupe.

You can’t miss the new hood, a forged carbon design with a Dodge Demon-sized air scoop in the middle. Down the sides, the tuner has opted to install new trim pieces to the front quarter panels, carbon mirror caps, and sharp-looking side skirts. The gloss black wheels are quite understated by comparison and have been paired up with copper calipers for the massive AMG rotors.

However, the boldest upgrades are a the back. There, the forged carbon diffuser extends the profile of the hybrid 4-door and a massive wing sits on top of the spoiler.

Thanks to this video from RoCars, we can also appreciate the beauty of the interior. the AMG GT 4-Door already had some of the best seats, which have been upholstered in perforated leather with honeycomb stitching and yellow inserts. The yellow and black also extend to the doors and the trunk of the vehicle.

As we’ve said, if you’re a fan of the GT 4-Door, this and the Brabus Rocket 900 are the absolute pinnacle of upgrades and performance.



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