Mansory’s Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 Kit Has 850 HP and Luxury SWAT Car Looks

Right now, there are two ways to spend a lot of money on a Mercedes GLS-Class. Either you buy a Mayback GLS 600 from Mercedes themselves as Kim Kardashian did, or you go for the Brabus 800. However, a third option has been unveiled in the form of the 850-horsepower Mansory-tuned GLS 63, packed with everything an SUV enthusiast might want.

Mansory is already a world-famous maker of body kits and custom cars. Their carbon fiber package for the Lamborghini Urus is so ugly that it’s beautiful. While their Ferrari Roma is one of the most beautiful custom V8s we’ve seen.

Their treatment of the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 is almost as polarizing as the Urus, especially if you know what the base vehicle looks like. The project has just been unveiled and comes with everything you’d expect, from a widebody kit to 24-inch wheels.

However, what really stands out is a bull bar, something which you almost never see on modern SUVs. Normally, you’d mount this to the front of an affordable 4×4 like a Jeep and it would protect your radiator when off-roading. In this case, it’s more of an attitude statement because you’re obviously not going anywhere dangerous in this.

The GLS-Class is the biggest, most practical Mercedes SUV. It’s also a trailblazing 3-row vehicle with its success being the reason BMW developed its X7. We’re not saying it’s a bad off-roader, but the base price is $135,000, and Mansory has lowered it while fitting expensive wheels. Those are 10×24-inch black alloys wrapped in 295/35 tires. You have about as much sidewall as a supercar.

This probably costs $350,000

While there’s not as much carbon fiber as on other Mansory projects, many high-end GLS models sell for $200k, and this is probably closer to $350,000 in order to preserve exclusivity.

The GLS 63 is also fitted with a bull bar at the back and some oversized side steps. Considering it’s lowered, they seem unnecessary, but maybe you’re supposed to have armed passengers on the outside, like a SWAT car. In fact, given the all-black finish of this German SUV, it does look like private military equipment.

The bull bar is completely optional, as you’ll see in the photo gallery, but you’re going to want this body kit. For a yet unspecified amount of money, Mansory will fit fender flares, spoilers, a trunk wing and carbon fiber trim everywhere. They’ve also got a bespoke grille that has openings on the sides, just like the one from Brabus.

The re-tuned version of the AMG 4.0-liter V8 can have its output increased from 720 to 850 horsepower, which is more than you’ll get from Brabus. No word on acceleration, but the top speed is limited to 186 mph (300 km/h). And since they’re going up against Brabus, it’s no surprise Mansory has worked on the interior, offering “3D leather embossing in several colors and carbon applications.”



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