Real-Life Cyberpunk 2077 Quadra V-Tech First Drive Shows Rotary Engine and Sliding Doors in Action

The Cyberpunk 2077 game has, unfortunately, become a more or less industry “reference” for why a developer shouldn’t launch an unfinished game that will expose players to bugs, regardless of the delay this causes. Still, the open-world, action-adventure RPG is now part of our universe and its footprint spreads far beyond the screen. For one, an enthusiast has been hard at work building a real-life version of the game’s Quadra V-Tech and the time has come for the build to step out of the garage, albeit only briefly.

Despite the Porsche 911 Turbo (930) being the only official vehicle adorning the neon-lit realm of Cyberpunk 2077, the Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech (this is its full name) is one of the most coveted cars in the game.

Mixing styling cues from 80s heroes like the Ferrari Testarossa and the Lamborghini Countach, the digital machine has the brawn to match these. As such, its hypothetical specs include a mid-mounted turbocharged 4.4L V10. Running on CHOOH2, a synthetic alcohol-based fuel (think: idealized ethanol), the unit delivers over 600 hp.

Ironically, while the car in the game is portrayed as a dystopian American response to the Japanese car industry, the real-world version is based on a Mazda RX-8. With these four-door JDM delights having been affordable when new back in the 2000s and their rotary engines being less than reliable, this Mazda is a wallet-easy way into the RWD performance world.

Why didn’t the builder simply use a Pontiac Fiero, the go-to donor vehicle for building supercar-like machines (not this custom Fiero Convertible with a front-mounted 427, though)?

Well, the man is based in Russia and we imagine the local Fiero stock is rather low. On a more serious note, the enthusiast has been at it since 2020 when the game was launched, keeping us updated via YouTube, where he runs the Burning Wrenches channel.

And, after some twenty videos dedicated to the project, the Quadra V-Tech finally went for a drive, albeit a very brief one. You see, the aficionado has moved to a new location since the build started. And with the fresh place involving a decently-sized yard, he could take the car for a quick spin.

Horsepower? It’s got some of it

Despite the lack of asphalt and the uneven terrain, we still get to see the 1.3L Wankel motor spinning the dually rear wheels and lifting the dust into the air. For the record, the engine made between 189 and 238 hp when new, depending on the version.

And while that’s not much, consider that the fiberglass body of the vehicle probably makes up for weight-adding features like the air suspension and other goodies the man added to the vehicle (more on this below). Besides, this is a high-rpm screamer (they even use Mazda rotaries in boats!) and we can enjoy a taste of its soundtrack even with the derelict exhaust it currently packs.

You need to check out the sliding doors

You’ll get to share the fun of the maiden drive in the first clip below. However, we’ve also added a second clip, which focuses on what was arguably the most complex part of the adventure: the sliding doors. The power-operated doors follow the pop-out-and-slide-back M.O. of the digital car and, as the experienced builders among you are probably thinking, took quite a bit of effort to build.

Keep in mind that this project doesn’t just focus on the looks. The man is integrating feedback from the YouTube comments, while also considering ergonomics, which is why he also paid close attention when transitioning from the Mazda seat to the custom fiberglass units that are still in the works.

The journey of our builder involved polishing not only his fiberglass or electrical skills, but also learning how to operate a CNC machine, among others. And we have a feeling the Quadra V-Tech won’t hit the blacktop until it’s polished to perfection.

Meanwhile, the enthusiasts has also taken other dives into pop and automotive culture, having home-brewed a Tesla Cybertruck, a Cyberquad, and a Grand Theft Auto platform car, among others.



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