Ferrari SF90 Pushes into Hypercar Territory With Mansory F9XX Carbon Body Kit

What do you get when Ferrari makes a great supercar like the SF90 Stradale? You get a great opportunity for a tuning project, which is why we’re presenting probably the best custom SF90 in the world, made by Mansory with lots of unique design touches and performance enhancements.

You’ve probably seen a few custom SF90 supercars already. RDB keeps cranking them out, and the car is in the middle of that “Ferrari won’t let me change my exhaust” mini-scandal. But the Mansory SF90 is basically a complete transformation.

The company probably sells more body kits for SUVs than anything else, but it’s nice to see their refinements targeting a real supercar, not just the Urus. The car even gets a new name, the Mansory F9XX, which is an obvious tribute to the Ferrari FXX-K, an ultimate version of the LaFerrari which was built for the track.

Ultimately, that’s quite fitting, since the SF90 has so much in common with the LaFerrari. This supercar of the future is already prepared for the new regulations which other supercar makers are struggling with. Along with the usual twin-turbo V8 engine, this has three electric motors and AWD. Yes, AWD on a mid-engined Ferrari.

As standard, the SF90 Stradale packs 1000 Italian horsepower (PS) or 986 hp in American specs. With Mansory’s help, the output has been increased further, and the F9XX is capable of 1100 PS or 1,085 hp, plus 723 pound-feet of torque (980 Nm).

Thanks to that 10% increase in output, Mansory‘s car will reportedly hit 62 miles per hour (100 kph) in 2.4 seconds and tops out at 221 mph (355 km/h). Oh, and it’s extremely cool-looking.

What it costs… probably

As usual, RoCars did a fantastic job filming the only Mansory F9XX in the world. It’s unknown what the car is worth, but based on what they charge for other projects and Ferrari’s own options, we believe this is in the region of €1,000,000.

While most Ferraris are red, the tuned SF90 has been painted satin black which makes the forged carbon almost disappear. From up-close, you can see that the front bumper has been redesigned with new air intakes and splitters on either side.

The hood is also new, featuring a wide band of forged carbon traveling between the vents on top of the wheels. New carbon mirrors and lower skirts, followed by carbon blades feeding more air to the engine complete the side profile. Mansory designed a carbon wheel as well, with clear inspiration from the world of racing.

From the back, it’s easy to spot the new diffuser, larger wing, and a spine added to the middle of the car that serves as a scoop. This wild creation also boasts four exhaust tips instead of just two, looking almost identical to the four glowing halos of the taillights. Even the engine bay has been drenched in forged carbon fiber panels that probably cost more than a Civic.

Inside, this SF90 appears to have Ferrari’s own carbon fiber bucket seats, which reportedly cost $90,000 extra. The whole cabin has been re-trimmed in black and orange leather, mirroring the outside.



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