YouTuber Spent $50,000 to Drop a New G-Wagon Through a House, and It’s Pretty Funny

Yes, Cody Detwiler, better known to the internet as WhistlinDiesel, really did drop a brand new Mercedes-AMG G63 through the roof of a house. No, the house wasn’t real; it was a shed made to look like a house, but I wouldn’t call this fake.

Apparently, one of Cody’s biggest dreams is to make a movie. And knowing the support this YouTuber has, it might actually happen. Think more along the lines of 2002’s Jackass: The Movie, which is not to criticize anybody’s content. Anyway, dropping a red SUV through the roof is somehow a test run for that.

Fans of the channel are probably aware that the destruction of the mighty G63 began with a teaser video. The premise was simple and pretty funny. A girl has her 16th birthday with balloons and everything. She wishes for a G-Wagon but her parents can’t afford one because her brother recently got a Lamborghini (Cody has one of those too).

So her desired SUV drops down from heaven, through the roof and wrecks the whole party. It’s a pretty funny yet simple setup, which apparently cost WD a whopping $50,000. The shed was probably free, but setting it up to look like a house and dropping this AMG anvil onto it cost a pretty penny.

In a previous video, the red G63 was described as costing $300,000. And while that’s a little unrealistic, there’s no denying that this is a brand-new, highly-desirable Mercedes that must have set him back at least $200k.

WhistlinDiesel and the cameraman were in the SUV when it fell

One thing you get to see in this new behind-the-scenes footage is that the YouTuber and his cameraman were actually in the vehicle when it was dropped. That’s got to be a 20-foot drop, and I don’t care how good Mercedes’ suspension is, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

By the way, this SUV has a curb weight of at least 5,842 pounds. It easily goes through the roof, but somehow flips over and lands on its side. Windows are broken but not shattered, while the car alarm starts going off.

“Maybe there’s no body damage done yet,” he says while operating the excavator. Yeah, that’s not ominous at all, especially considering Cody wrecks all his red cars.

The mighty G63 dangles in the air held by its front tire. Moments later, the whole thing smashed down a second time. Can you imagine the stories all those farm kids are going to tell? After all, not everybody has a cool neighbor like Cody, who does everything their mothers say is too dangerous.

What’s cool is that all this has been done to support a charity that helps people with cancer. The information comes totally out of the blue at the end of the video.



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