YouTuber Tests $400,000 Ferrari Durability, Drives With Capybara in Passenger Seat

Five months ago, famed YouTuber WhistlinDiesel bought what he claimed to be a $400,000 Ferrari F8. This brand-new Italian supercar receives quite a beating at the time and got hooned on gravel roads. However, this was only the beginning, as the Ferrari durability testing has only just begun.

That’s right; WhistlinDiesel is back with more Ferrari abuse. Everybody told him Ferrari was going to sue him, but this hasn’t happened yet. If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. And for the record, WD’s original video did get flagged and demonetized at the time, but is still his 7th most popular video.

It seems people really do hate Ferrari and want to see one of these pretentious supercars being thrashed. It’s a shame that a car most people dream of owning is being destroyed. But as WhistlinDiesel put it, every other Ferrari owner can treat their supercar “extra-nice.”

The Ferrari durability test starts by doing what’s known as a tactical J-turn. The red supercar is seen driving as fast as possible in reverse and then flicking forward up a gravel driveway. This stunt requires multiple attempts to get right and it’s only possible because a lot of the sensors have been turned off and the airbags have all been stripped out.

Ferrari durability testing cost

Durability testing also includes sawing off one of the door mirrors, which Cody says costs $10,000 to replace. For the record, it’s probably more like $1000 to replace. But this does remind me of the time he smashed the glass engine cover on a Lamborghini with a hammer, and that cost upwards of $5,000.

Cody and his Ferrari are in Texas, the home of pickup trucks and farm animals. To test whether a supercar can do the work of a truck, the YouTuber fills the car up with watermelons and oranges. It’s surprising how much stuff can fit inside 200 liters or 7 cubic feet, even without fitted luggage.

And apparently, the Ferrari F8 is also a good farming vehicle. The scoop that goes through the nose of the car which is supposed to channel air also works as a trough for kangaroos. But the highlight of the video has to be when WhistlinDiesel takes a capybara for a ride. This gigantic rodent remains surprisingly calm considering the 710 horsepower V8.

Although the damage looks light, the Ferrari F8’s whole body is covered in scratches to the point where everything needs to be replaced. Under some circumstances, this car would be considered a write-off and might be sold as-is for half its original value.



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