Rapper Lil Baby’s Ram TRX Flexes Midnight Purple, Forgiatos and Bomber Bumper

Mopar is known for its huge list of customization options. However, the Ram TRX is still pretty new, and it’s disappointing how little you can do with it. For colors, you’ve got six basic choices: black, two silvers, blue, red, and white. And as far as the wheels are concerned, it’s not much better, with two choices of 18s. So what’s a baller going to do? Go custom, obviously.

That’s what rapper Lil Baby did with his newly revealed Ram TRX, which doesn’t look anything like an off-roader any longer. Instead, it taps into the world of suspension lifts and bold wheel designs.

The first thing we noticed here was the color. Now, Ram doesn’t sell Plum Crazy, even though this is one of the coolest colors to have from sister brand Dodge. It dates back to the glory days of American muscle cars, over 50 years ago. However, we don’t think this is supposed to be plum-colored.

Plum Crazy is what’s known as a non-metallic gloss color. As in there’s no silver/pearl effect to it. However, this is obviously metallic from the way it shines and we think it’s a vinyl wrap. You’d often see it sold online as Midnight Purple. The color obviously doesn’t have the golden shimmering effect of an R34, but it’s sick and definitely doesn’t qualify as a crazy plum.

Lil Baby has an Urus, Cullinan and 720S

The color change was done at Road Show International in Atlanta, Georgia. And they describe this as “Fanta Grape Pearl.” You know what? The more we look at this, the closer it gets to looking like a Lakers truck.

For added visual impact, Lil Baby wanted gold accents. This can even be seen on the hood. However, the stand-out feature is a set of 24-inch Forgiato gold wheels with small two-tone accents in the same grape theme. To pull the look off, 4-inch lifts were also added. Blacking out the trim and windows is another obvious thing they did.

However, the performance mods are more difficult to spot. Apparently, the Hellcat 6.2-liter engine has been fitted with a cat-back exhaust system and now makes about 50 hp more than stock. Most of all, we love these bumpers, which make the brand new TRX look like a lifted second-gen Ram truck.

This is what’s known as the Bomber or Baja Designs bumper. It’s obviously going to be way stronger than a plastic factory bumper and it makes the nose look even more lifted and desert-ready. A set of these will cost at least $5,000, and we spotted some interesting LED integrated updates.

But something tells us the rapper isn’t going to do any off-roading in what’s likely a $150,000 truck. That’s based not on money, but on the Gyon Quartz protection paint protection system that’s been added as well.



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