$110,000 2022 Hummer Pickup Reveals Many Quirks to Doug DeMuro

We’ve had a lot of cool off-roaders in the past couple of years: Jeep Gladiator, Land Rover Defender, Ram TRX and especially the Bronco. But nothing compares to the all-new 2022 GMC Hummer EV, a pickup truck with supercar numbers.

It’s obviously not subtle, nor should it be, but we’re most shocked about the price. Other than the Corvette and Escalade, GM doesn’t have that many high-dollar items. But this costs over $110,000. The price is for the Edition 1 model, which is sold out and somewhat justifies its AMG-like sticker price.

Almost like it’s trying to challenge Tesla, the Edition 1 has 3 motors giving it total power of up to 1,000 hp and… 11,500 lb-ft. Remember when the Bugatti Veyron was the fastest, coolest vehicle in the world? Yeah, I do too, and while the bulk of the Hummer pickup stops it from being a true supercar killer, 0 to 60seconds in about 3 seconds sounds amazing when you can also tow 7,500 lbs.

Fall 2022 brings the Hummer EV 3X for $10,000. That will have two motors with 830 hp, but the full 1000 hp will be optional. Come Spring 2023, they’ll offer a 625 hp version for $90,000 followed by an $80,000 model in 2024. But you probably don’t want that because it has the lowest range at 250 miles.

Below, you’ll find the impressions of famed car YouTuber Doug DeMuro, who got his hands on a pre-production prototype.

Quirks and features aplenty

While the Hummer probably won’t win any EV efficiency awards and its trunk space is abysmal, this is one of the most interesting products GM has put together since the 1980s. To start things off, it’s got the shape of the headlights in the sill, followed by a map of the moon’s surface on the speaker guards.

Besides being a Tesla and a Bugatti, this Hummer is also a T-top. Four sections of the roof can be removed for a unique driving experience. The Bronco does that too, but the panels of the EV truck are glass and go into the front trunk.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the EV’s ability to “crab”. But the Hummer is no gimmick car. It has pocking diffs and everything else you’d want in a serious off-roader. Despite all that, we wouldn’t call this “the best electric pickup truck,” as Doug does. But it’s easily the most interesting way to blow $110,000 right now.



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