Unofficial R36 Nissan GT-R Concept by Hycade Bring Evolutionary Design and Premium Feel

When it came out, the R35 Nissan GT-R was an absolute revolution, affordable yet blisteringly fast. However, its unveiling was way back in 2007, believe it or not, making this the oldest series-production sports car of the modern era. People are naturally curious to see what the new Godzilla is like, so naturally, the R36 generation of the GT-R is a trending topic.

Over the past decade, there have been countless speculative reports, rumors, and such. Ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn who was at the help when the R35 arrived is now a fugitive, and Teslas now rule the drag racing world. But we want to focus on the design aspect for the R36 GT-R because rendering artist Hycade has created something very interesting.

At first glance, his next-gen machine appears to be just an evolution of the current generation. But then you remember that the R32 and R33 really weren’t all that different. So what if the R35 and its successor would have a similar relationship?

Evolution is the name of the game with Hycade’s R36 Nissan GT-R. All the basic proportions of the model which came out in 2007 are there. However, the panels are more intricately stamped. This simple trick could have given us an all-new GT-R if Nissan didn’t have so many financial issues in the past few years.

At the front, Hycade’s new Godzilla model has a deeper set of nostrils followed by pinched headlights with sharper LEDs. The black chin spoiler adds aggression and grounds this concept in the world of track cars. Deep creases down the sides play with the light and draw your attention to the roof which seems to float and the invisible door handles.

They say that the rear is the only place where designers get to have rear freedom nowadays, and it shows here as well. Hycade‘s rendering specialty is the premium widebody look, flared out like an AMG or Audi RS, which applies to this unofficial R36 concept. A good couple of inches are added to the body perhaps to accommodate wider tires.

Sadly, the real R36 will be a completely different kind of car

Here is what we actually know about the next GT-R. In 2023, Nissan will launch a final edition of the R35 with a big wing, along with the Nismo version of the 400Z. After a complex development process, we’ll have a new R36 which from what we gather will be electric.

Nissan is reportedly benchmarking the Porsche Taycan, which everybody loves for the way it handles. From what we gather, this means not only an all-electric powertrain but also the 4-door coupe body. Thus, it will look radically different from this generation and all the other icons which have come before it.

Nissan may have to wait for next-gen batteries to be developed, which means the R36 GT-R may not be ready for production until 2028. Quite a long hiatus then, plenty of time to contemplate what could have been with excellent renderings such as this.



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