Slammed Ford Bronco Sport on Air Suspension Gains Digital Body Kit

Sharing its platform with the Escape, the Ford Bronco Sport has no issues leaving the asphalt behind. However, this is prepared for gravel roads and light trails, while leaving the serious off-roading for its Bronco big brother. Well, some owners might wish to ditch the rugged terrain part altogether, building on the urban side of the compact crossover. Cue to this digitally slammed Bronco Sport, which seems ready to climb… onto the Cars and Coffee stage.

The 2021 and 2022 Bronco and Bronco Sport have had to deal with a fair share of recalls and delays. However, after two years on the market, they’ve proven their popularity. And, if we zoom in on the Bronco Sport, its solid sales as a new vehicle have been backed by the model’s status as one of the fastest-selling used vehicles (as this $100,000+ Toyota Fj Cruiser proves, it’s still a crazy market out there).

In addition, the Bronco Sport gets heavily customized by buyers (its sibling is even better at it), with Ford having revamped its supplier network to facilitate a process kickstarted via a hefty official accessories catalog. Nevertheless, while many of those goodies are split between lifestyle and rugged bits, the hardware proposed in this independent rendering is all about sitting as close to the blacktop as possible.

Digital artist Hugo Silva (aka hugosilvadesigns) seems to have taken note of the said real-world implications of customizing a vehicle, as the pixel master gifted the Bronco Sport with bits that would also be available in real life.

Air ride and an entry-level body kit for the Bronco Sport CGI

For starters, the Blue Oval crossover was fitted with air suspension and you are now gazing at the system’s lowest settings. This allows the Fifteen52 wheels to sneak deep into the factory fenders.

As a bonus, the lower part of the vehicle gets a set of aero additions. The goodies include a front lip, side skirt extensions, and a rear valance that had made room for four exhaust pipes.

And while we’re on the topic of the exhaust, we can only hope such a slammed Bronco Sport would skip the standard 181 horsepower, 1.5L turbo three-cylinder. As appealing as it is to buy a Bronco Sport for under $30,000 with this motor, the engine is mostly reserved for city driving and struggles with refinement below 1,500 rpm. Thus, the 2.0L turbo-four, with its 250 hp, makes for a much more refined offering.

Ford has gifted the Bronco Sport with a Heritage Edition for 2023—once again, sitting close to its Bronco big brother whose Heritage Edition (this is a deeper, CGI aftermarket take on the Bronco Heritage) celebrates the OG 1966 model.

However, the vehicles are set to receive a refresh for 2024, with one of the greatest updates being a hybrid powertrain for the Bronco Sport (probably a 2.5L Atkinson cycle four-pot with 191 total horsepower). And, by that time, we would’ve had time to enjoy all the Bronco Sport lowering treatments in the world.



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