Slammed Toyota Tundra (3rd Gen) on Air Suspension Can Still Do Truck Things at SEMA

When Toyota introduced the 3rd gen Tundra in 2021, the automaker presented the full-size truck as a vehicle that can serve all purposes, with a focus on recreational activities. So I guess this slammed 3rd gen Toyota Tundra featuring air suspension fits the bill, especially for fans of trucks that can air out at the touch of a button or a tap of a screen.

This is the first example of the new Tundra (XK70) that’s been slammed and you can see it here laying frame (here’s how it looks on a Mazda RX-7), which means the chassis is nearly touching the ground. Then there are the super-sized wheels fitted to the pickup truck, which would be enough to make this stand out.

Of course, the transformation has already split opinions among Toyota and truck fans on social media, but this is bound to happen with such projects.

The slammed Tundra, a 2022 model, is a build handled by Oklahoma-based Phat Phabz. Run by an enthusiast named Jake McKiddie, who’s been in the ride height business for years, Phat Fabz has delivered some of the wildest lowered trucks in America, SEMA vehicles and all.

Fully slamming a truck requires much more than just installing air bags

And while such a job does involve installing air suspension (airbags, compressors, and air tanks), slamming a vehicle to the ground requires extra work.

For one, in the case of a truck, the frame has to be modified, while the new suspension needs to clear the air springs. There are larger wheels, which often get tucked into tubbed fenders, as trucks were not designed to ride on such massive wheels.

These images show the air suspension of the slammed Toyota Tundra on its lowest setting, the way you’ll see this thing turning heads at car shows.

Of course, given the air suspension, this Toyota can still do truck things, such as towing or handling rough terrain, with the wheels and tires being the limiting factor here. Remember, that recreational twist Toyota put on promoting the new Tundra means getting off the beaten path is an important part of its business.

Right now, with the bed off, we can see the chassis modifications and the air bags at the rear. And once Phat Phabz brings the body back to its factory form, the microscopic ground clearance will get to show its crowd-attraction power. Speaking of which, while the shop takes its time with such builds, we should see the slammed Tundra debuting this summer.

Sure, that F-150 is a numbers titan, but sales of the third-generation Tundra have been going strong and it’s only natural to see some examples going all out like this one. So if, say, you’re looking for extra wheels, this Tundra 6×6 done in Florida might float your boat.

The finished slammed third-gen Toyota Tundra on air suspension at SEMA

Now that SEMA 2023 has opene its gates to the custom vehicle-hungry public, we can see the slammed Toyota Tundra (third-generation) doing its low-low air suspension thing. The wheels are the super-sized units we already showed you and this is a truck that sports an OEM level of finish.

As you can notice in the images below, builder Phat Phabz has displayed the vehicle outside, arguably pointing to the machine retaining its utilitarian side, as we mentioned above.



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