Turn Your Suzuki Jimny into a Mini Ford Bronco With This Japanese Body Kit

Ford already sells a smaller version of the Bronco called Bronco Sport. However, Japanese tuners found they could make an even more microscopic Bronco by turning the Suzuki Jimny into one.

The Suzuki Jimny is perhaps the coolest little SUV in the world. How little? It only measures 143.5 inches or 3645mm long, just 3 inches more than a Fiat 500. Not only is it a truly capable off-roader, but it also looks the part with square bodywork that seems taken straight out of the 1970s.

Suzuki intentionally made the new Jimny boxy to evoke the rugged SUVs of old, like the Mercedes G63 AMG, the Land Rover Defender, and now the Ford Bronco as well.

This is the Jimny Bron55 JB75W, a body kit created by a Japanese tuning company called Garage-ill. To start things off, the original Jimny grille is removed and replaced with a scale replica of the Ford Bronco’s front end.

The part is made out of ABS plastic and comes with a convincing satin black finish plus “BRON55” lettering in the middle of the grille. The base kit comes with halogen lights and costs a very reasonable ¥159,500 ($1,070). However, for ¥245,000 ($1,644), you’ll get the full look.

This includes the LED lights with a pulsating turn signal effect and a new bumper with a similar design to the Bronco Badlands or Raptor. This particular Jimny is the Sierra model, which means it comes with suitably rugged fender flares from the factory.

This new front end is paired with some aftermarket beadlock wheels and off-road tires. These features aren’t included in the price. But consider this, a Jimny costs 1,654,400 yen, while a Bronco costs 4,246,500 in Japan, almost triple the price.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first Jimny body kit we’ve seen. DAMD, another Japanese tuner, sell the badly named Little D, which looks like the Land Rover Defender. There’s also the Little G and the Liberty Walk kits, both of which look like the Mercedes G-Class. And a shop in the Middle East makes these accurate G63 replicas, one of which sold for around $60,000 in the UK a few years back.



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