Bronco Raptor Pickup Exists in Thailand, Is a Ranger With a Face Swap

Both the Ranger and the Bronco are iconic Ford nameplates that have existed for decades, but the two latest models provide a unique opportunity. Both of them are built on Ford’s modern T6 platform, which means owners and tuners will be tempted to swap parts and build something like this, a Bronco Pickup.

Now, this technically isn’t a Bronco Raptor because it probably has the wrong engine, but it does look like one and we presume it handles the Baja treatment well with its suspension lift and big wheels. But what is it? Well, Thailand is THE place for everything related to the Ranger.

The Ranger is made in Thailand and it’s one of the most popular vehicles with car customizers, along with the Isuzu D-Max. Several Thai shops specialize in Ranger-related builds. We’ve seen a lot of Rangers with front ends converted to the F-150 Raptor. And I mean A LOT. But never something like this, a Ranger with the face of a Bronco Raptor.

Its builders at Shana e-Sport assure us that it’s a world-first, and we really couldn’t find anything else like this on the web. So how was this done?

Well, the full-sized Bronco and the new Ranger have the same platform. To make things confusing, there’s also an SUV version of the Ranger in Thailand, called the Everest. And yes, they make F-150 Raptor kits for that too. But anyway, just because the two are related doesn’t mean you can just bolt parts from one to the other.

There is a lot of fabrication involved here. They had to install a Bronco Raptor hood and front end, but the fenders had to be custom-made so they would line up with the Ranger’s cab. They also installed all of the Bronco Raptor‘s widebody fender flares and the Baja-style bumper with its skid plate.

At the back, they took the time to add a new font to the tailgate and installed the proper LED taillights. And, of course, there are numerous aftermarket upgrades, like the beadlock-style wheels, performance brakes, 37-inch tires, and a roll cage for the bed. I think they even changed the LED modules in the headlights.

Since the Ranger is made in Thailand, they can buy every version imaginable, including the Raptor, which is equipped with a 3.0 EcoBoost rated at 397 horsepower. But all we know about this tuning project is that it’s a V6.

It’s worth noting that back in 2021, Motor Trend said Ford was going to launch a Bronco pickup in 2024. It made sense considering the rivalry with Jeep, but we haven’t seen any prototypes.



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