Mad Max 2023 Chrysler 300C 6.4 V8 Becomes Yellow Interceptor in MFP Pursuit Sedan Render Previewing Real Florida Build

The modern Chrysler 300 is preparing to retire after nearly two decades of service, but not before biding farewell via the 2023 Chrysler 300C, a limited edition that brings back the sedan’s 6.4L HEMI V8. And, given the profound mark the 300 has left on enthusiasts, these four-doors will continue to live on long after the assembly line in Ontaria, Canda shuts down. Case in point with this future example of the 2023 300C, which is on track for a Mad Max conversion over in Florida.

For now, we have a marvelous rendering of the project coming from digital artist Abimelec Arellano (aka abimelecdesign), but I’m quite sure this will materialize and I’ll gladly explain why below.

The builder’s previous movie car tributes

Chrysler is only making 2,000 units of the 6.4L HEMI-powered 2023 300Cs for the U.S. and 200 for Canada. Sure, the $56,595 300C wasn’t the Hellcat special certain Mopar fans were expecting, but the entire production run was spoken for in just a couple of hours. And one of the American aficionados who managed to get their hands on one is Robert Selby.

You may know the man thanks to his evildodge Instagram handle—this is one of the windows he uses to show the world his movie car tribute collection. This side of his garage currently consists of a Resident Evil-inspired modern Dodge Charger (aka Nemesis), a Fleetwood Bounder RV impersonating the Krystal Ship mobile meth lab from Breaking Bad, plus the mandatory Walter White-style Pontiac Aztek, even though the last one doesn’t seem to feature any mods that we’ve seen, as it was the case with the TV series vehicle. In reality, though, the enthusiast is preparing an LS3 Aztek with all the tech madness such muscle requires.

However, we’ve saved the best for last. That would be Madcat, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat cosplaying as Mad Max’s Pursuit Special. I first wrote about the vehicle in my pre-Carvibz era: it was April 2021 and the rendering done by the said artist was accompanied by some in-the-making photos from Robert.

Meanwhile, Madcat is getting closer and closer to the look of the vehicle that was Mad Max’s Black Interceptor, namely a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Hardtop. And, as I explained when covering the updated form of the project last month, it’s even getting a fastback conversion.

Even if we somehow looked past the pop culture value, this is a brilliant example of the retromodding trend, which is pretty much the opposite of restomodding. Not convinced? Check out this Challenger Hellcat-based “2071” Plymouth Cuda showcased at the recent SEMA 2022 show.

Robert Selby’s 2023 Chrysler 300C Mad Max Yellow Interceptor

Having established that this accomplished 2023 300C rendering won’t stay locked inside the virtual realm for too long, it’s time to move on to the upcoming build.

The official 300C revives the 6.4L HEMI that North America used to get via the 300 SRT (2012-2015), with the engine only being offered in other parts of the world meanwhile. Those include Dubai and Australia, where the 300 SRT Core ever served as an NSW Police Highway Patrol car between 2017 and 2021.

The engine, which is mated to a ZF eight-speed automatic, now makes 15 extra hp (compared to the North American 300 SRT), offering a total of 485 hp and 475 lb-ft of twist. As such, the muscle sedan can hit 60 mph in 4.3s, while offering a top speed of 160 mph. The RWD sedan features massive Brembo brakes, a limited-slip differential, and adaptive dampers, so acceleration is far from its only dynamic asset.

As for the vehicle that served as inspiration for the cosplay portrayed in this 3D work, we’re looking at MFP Interceptor #508. Also known as the Pursuit Sedan, the movie car gifted the fictional MFP (Main Force Patrol) with a pumped-up iteration of a 1974 Ford Falcon XB Sedan powered by a 351 V8.

Unlike the said coupe, this four-door is only showcased in the original Mad Max movie, which hit Aussie theaters in 1979 and was first shown in America in 1980. Interestingly, the vehicle driven by Mel Gibson’s Maxwell Rockatansky, the force’s top pursuit man, wasn’t damaged during the filming, which is why the producers sold it after wrapping things up.

To this day, the owner and the very condition of the vehicle remain unknown—there are a few people Down Under claiming to have the real car, but none of them has managed to have that certified.

Anyway, for those of you keeping track of the entire Mad Max franchise, I have a reminder—back on October 28, Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays the lead character in the upcoming Furiosa spin-off, confirmed that filming had been wrapped up (at least for her) and you can expect the production to be released in 2024.

Zooming in on the 2023 Chrysler 300C Mad Max Yellow Interceptor

At least for the time being, the rendering shows a simpler conversion compared to that of the Madcat. Even so, the lively MFP livery will probably make this Chrysler stand out just as much. Speaking of which, if you check out the front fenders, you’ll notice the names of the officers running the vehicle, just like in the movie. And if you’re wondering why “The Dark One”, Max’s partner, never shows up in the motion picture, it’s because this character was removed before filming kicked off.

Battle colors aside, we get to see a roof spoiler, along with a wickerbill at the back and Dodge wheels replacing the Chrysler’s factory 20-inch shoes.

The light bar? That one will be complicated… or not, as the owner can just use it for car shows and remove the thing when the car is on the road. However, it’s worth pointing out the company that built the original movie car lights was not from Australia. Instead, if we’re not mistaken, this is American specialist Peterson, which is still in business.

Of course, the first step in this Mad Max-ed Mopar’s transition from pixels to metal involved the car making it from Ontario to Robert’s Florida garage. And, as the final image of the enthusiast’s Instagram post below shows, that might take a while. And we’ll be here, grinning and waiting…



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