BMW M8 GTR Concept by Hycade Looks Like a Wannabe Supercar

The definition of what a supercar is can be pretty tricky. Sure, you can say that it has to be Italian, mid-engined, and red/yellow… if you want to be wrong. German companies have made supercars as well, ranging from the Porsche 959 to the Mercedes SLS AMG.

And I mention those just because their status has been contested. One feels like a custom 911 and the other is an exotic front-engined retro throwback. But each set benchmarks or influenced the market in some way. So what about BMW?

Well, the one obvious example of a BMW supercar would be the M1. It’s got the right shape, so people are willing to ignore that its 3.5-liter engine wasn’t very supercar-like. Yet somehow, those rules don’t apply to the i8?

We wonder where all this leaves the M8. It’s obviously shaped more like a large coupe, a GT. But there’s no denying that it’s got the performance to compete with the best of Porsche or Mercedes-AMG right now… maybe with a few exceptions. However, it’s not exotic enough.

ANd that’s where this rendering comes in, an attempt by designer Hycade to take it to the next level. His 2022 BMW M8 GTR concept comes with just the right mods to make you believe that this isn’t just an M8.

Carbon roof? No big deal. Carbon brakes? A simple upgrade. But this GTR model has all-new bodywork, the kind that reminds you of other models to wear that name, like the Mercedes CLK GTR. Or maybe you’ll be reminded of the IMSA 3.0 CSL.

Regardless, the GTR concept sits even lower to the ground and is wider than the already massive M8. It’s got racing suspension and track tires, plus a lot of extra aero. At the front, heat extractors and large scoops are present, highlighted with red accents.

And what BMW fan doesn’t love a good custom halo headlight in red? Massive side skirts make sense in the context of Lamborghini supercars, and we’re met with suitably large diffuser and wing elements at the back.

Powertrain-wise, we have a couple of ideas here. Obviously, the 4.4-liter could get some racing turbo, but that would be unethical. So instead, we suggest the hybrid setup that’s presumably coming to the XM or X8 M, producing around 800 hp thanks to an e-motor.



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