2023 Nissan Z Nismo Takes Shape Earlier Than Expected in GT4 Race Car-Based Artist Rendering

Nissan has recently added fuel to the fire that is the anticipation for a Nismo version of the all-new 2023 Z (aka 400Z) by introducing the GT4 race car iteration. As such, an independent artist has taken the matter into his own hands, bringing us the said special a little early.

Whenever a fresh performance car like the 2023 Nissan Z is launched, there are those who enjoy the machine as is and those who are more eager to meet the usual go-faster derivatives that follow. And the latter camp has seen its numbers growing after comparison tests have shown the Nissan to be slightly slower than competitors such as the Toyota Supra or the Ford Mustang.

Sure, the Nissan is also more affordable than its rivals, with many arguing that the difference should be invested in modding the 2023 Z to the point where it can get turn the tables.

And the aftermarket is certainly prepared for this, as we’ve already seen AMS Performance taking the 400Z close to 600 hp and YouTuber TJ Hunt developing a StreetHunter widebody kit for the machine.

We’ll get to enjoy the fruits of that labor early next month at the 2022 SEMA show. And the Las Vegas custom car event will also see Nissan releasing the complete details of the Nismo GT4 race car it has partially revealed last month.

The expected Nissan Z Nismo, dialed up to 11 in this CGI

Before we dive into the SEMA goodies, though, the digital artist known as Evrim Ozgun has built on the more aggressive aero displayed by the GT4 motorsport version. And you are now feasting your eyes on the result, which is delivered in full 3D form.

Despite the artist’s color scheme being spot on, we’re not expecting the 400Z Nismo street car to be quite as aggressive as the his creation, especially in terms of the wing.

Even so, we hope that Nismo (Nissan Motorsport) will extend its efforts past the ones it did when introducing the 370Z Nismo back in 2014—while sharper than the standard car, the special wasn’t in a totally different league.

Besides, the competition isn’t getting any tamer. For one, Toyota is rumored to be developing a GRMN iteration of the Supra, which should borrow the 500+ hp twin-turbo 3.0L L6 of the BMW M3/M4, wouldn’t it be strange for the expected Z Nismo to get left behind?

And with next year set to bring the 2024 Mustang to people’s driveways, the American competition is also fiercer than before—we expect that 500 hp Mustang Dark Horse to come well prepared for taking on JDM machines.



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