Liberty Walk Nissan 400Z G-Nose Body Kit Pricing Released, Coming to SEMA 2023

The Nissan Z RZ34, aka 400Z, has been in production for over a year now, which means the serious tuner stuff is just starting to arrive. And, exterior-wise, things can hardly get more eccentric than the Liberty Walk G-Nose body kit that was digitally unveiled just hours ago.

Unlike its A90 Supra archenemy, the 400Z packs minimalist factory styling in a node to predecessors like the original 240Z introduced in 1969 or the 300ZX that came along two decades later.

And for his new kit, which Liberty Walk introduces in standard and widebody forms, the Japanese developer follows the same recipe, honoring the 240Z G-Nose in particular.

What is Nissan Fairlady 240ZG aka G-Nose?

The Datsun 240Z (or Fairlady Z in Japan) opened the door for JDM sports cars selling in big numbers across the world, with a focus on the U.S. market. And the most hardcore version was the Japanese homologation special known as the Fairlady ZG, aka G-Nose. Initially, the car was built as a requirement for Nissan to enter Group 4 racing, which explains the streamlined nose, the rear spoiler, beefy fenders and covered headlights.

While only 500 units were made for 1971 and 1972, those who wanted to buy one outside Japan had to turn to dealers that sold conversion kits. However, the more aerodynamic shape of the car meant this was also used to set multiple salt lake speed record in America, as its pointy nose was mixed with aero wheels.

Liberty Walk’s 400Z G-Nose widebody kit is faithful to the original

And while rendering artist and body kit designer Khyzyl Saleem has anticipated the arrival of a G-Nose kit for the Nissan 400Z, Liberty Walk made it happen. The Japanese tuner’s aero treatment is quite faithful to the original, adding one or two inches to the nose of the car.

There’s also a front lip spoiler, along with a revised hood that mixes the factory unit’s retro-inspired power dome with a pair of vents near the windshield.

Other goodies involve a rear wing (it’s actually a ducktail spoiler with a clean, angular design) and, of course, a rear diffuser. And, as stated, you can add simple overfenders for the widebody G-Nose 400Z approach.

Liberty Walk has already published the pricing of the G-Nose kit. So if you’re looking for the now-widebody package, you can have this for $6,578 or $9,328 for the CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) version. As for the widebody kit, this will set you back $8,833 or $11,583 when selecting the CFRP option.

Of course, the lowered suspension and custom wheels, which look like Watanabes with enough negative camber to delight, also add to the standout presentation. Even so, if you’re looking for a daily driver stance, maybe park this next to Liberty Walk’s Ferrari F40!

The 400Z aero will make its debut at the SEMA 2023 show (October 31-November 3), which explains why Liberty Walk is only giving us some rendering of its 400Z right now.

And with just a few days to go before SEMA 2023, Liberty Walk has built the new Nissan Z (aka 400Z) widebody, installing its kit on a demo car. The Japanese specialist followed the exact specs shown in the renderings we initially published.

You can check out the vehicle, G-Nose take and all, in the YouTube clip below before its November 31 debut in Las Vegas.



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