2023 Lamborghini Next-Gen V12 Supercar Reveals Its 800 HP Alien Secrets

We’re pleased to announce that Lamborghini has confirmed the next-gen supercar, which comes after the Aventador, will be powered by a V12 engine. And this is your best look yet at its design of the monster, which is likely to look like an alien aircraft and produce over 800 horsepower.

A new Lamborghini V12 supercar doesn’t come along very often and it’s basically a huge deal. Even though the Aventador seems quite normal now, it was an earth-shattering experience when it came out, looking like nothing else on the planet.

The Italian bull stays true to its roots, always featuring some of the most flamboyant stylings for a flagship supercar. The best way to describe a new Lamborghini V12 is to call it “alien” since the design is always out-of-this-world.

The Aventador made its debut way back in 2011. Not only was it groundbreaking by itself, but it also served as the platform for the Veneno, Centenario, Sian, Essenza and the recent Countach. It would have been out of production already, but about a dozen cars burned on that ship recently, so Lamborghini had to re-start the old assembly line and make a few more LP780-4 Ultimae models before it could do the retooling.

In the meantime, the development of the replacement model continues. And although we’ll never know what it’s called due to the cloak-and-dagger nature of the exotic car market, we have a pretty good idea of what it looks like.

There have been numerous renderings of the Aventador successor. However, there’s something different about watching a rendering happen live and having the process explained, which is what YouTuber The Sketch Monkey is best at.

One distinctive feature of the new V12 model is that the nose and windshield basically form a straight line. This makes the front look very aggressive, and it reminds us more of an older V10 supercar, the Sesto Elemento.

The supercar has been spied undergoing testing, and using such shots, Mr. Sketch Monkey is able to bring details like the headlights to his rendered car. They appear quite similar to the Sian, having large sections of carbon fiber and a Lamborghini’s new Y-shaped design element.

V12 and then some

It’s not yet clear exactly what kind of powertrain will be used. We know that it’s a naturally-aspirated V12, but not the same one featured in the Aventador. The last two non-electrified Lamborghinis will be launched this year, so the next-gen Aventador, scheduled for 2023, will have to be electrified.

It’s currently believed that its setup is plug-in hybrid, most likely using some existing Porsche or Audi technology. Our guess is that it deploys one electric motor housed within the gearbox that delivers between 136 and 204 hp. A conventional battery pack will be installed to give it about 30 miles of all-electric range.

Lamborghini’s future plans

Before Lamborghini starts going electric, four gas-only models need to come out. These have been confirmed by CEO Stephan Winklemann who didn’t say what they are. But it’s easy to speculate due to Lamborghini having fewer body styles than Ferrari or McLaren.

The first is the Huracan Sterrato, a lifted rally-style version of the V10 model. It was shown as a concept in 2019 and recently spotted undergoing testing. The other is believed to be a Huracan STO with less aero, a bit like the Touring package for the Porsche 992 GT3. It’s probable to be called the Huracan JV Stradale.

The other two are versions of the Lamborghini Urus. One of them is basically the facelift of the normal SUV and the other a track version that’s more expensive.

The second-generation Urus SUV has already been confirmed as being all-electric. Scheduled to debut in 2029, it likely indicates an EV future for the Audi Q7, Q8 and Porsche Cayenne.



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