Lamborghini Aventador Successor Shows Classic Wedge Look in Render by Ford Designer

After almost 12 years, the reign of the Lamborghini Aventador is over. In March 2023, Sant’Agata Bolognese will introduce its next V12 supercar. And while four months is a long time to wait for such an exciting machine, we can fill that gap with spy media showcasing the Italian exotic, while the rendering realm is also prepared to lend a hand.

Earlier this month, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that the Aventador replacement will feature a hybridized V12, with both the naturally aspirated nature of the engine and the electric assistance having been confirmed by spied prototypes.

In fact, thanks to some interior spyshots, we know that the Lambo will pack a hybrid and an all-electric mode, among others, while the V12’s redline is set to kick off at 8,500 rpm.

Given that the 6.5L of the Aventador was only the third all-new V12 design since the Miura introduced this layout to the company back in the 1960s, we’re not expecting an evolutionary path for the combustion part of the upcoming supercar’s powertrain.

Now, we’ve already featured Aventador successor prototypes that seem to conceal the final shape of the mid-engined machine via heavy camo. However, the latest spy clip shows what appears to be an earlier test mule, the kind of development vehicle that mixes the new tech with the body of the Aventador.

Coming from self-declared supercar stalker Varryx, the YouTube clip, which you’ll find below, shows a yellow high-voltage sticker for the hybrid tech, as well as a faux pair of large exhaust tips sitting below the actual quadruple hardware.

A Ford designer came up with this V12 Raging Bull CGI

As for the said rendering, we’ve brought along an effort coming from Cesar A. Olivera-Latorre (@cesar_olivera_latorre). A creative designer at Ford’s office in Detroit, Michigan, the artist has come up with a digital concept named Ravietta. Now, the penning master doesn’t mention the Aventador replacement label for his work, nor does this seem to be based on the said spy media.

However, the stunning rendering does portray a V12 Lamborghini, with the 63 “badging” being a reference to 1963, the year when Lamborghini was founded—you can bet the Aventador replacement is just one of the 60th birthday presents the company will make itself next year.

Cesar’s work takes us back to the wedge revolution of the late 1960s/1970s. This saw iconic designer Marcello Gandini, who served Bertone at the time, delivering legendary creations such as the Alfa Romeo Carabo and the Lancia Stratos Zero concept cars, plus, of course, the Lamborghini Countach—how about this Countach barn find?

And while Aventador replacement prototypes have proven that the wedge shape is alive and well, the supercar needs to push Lamborghini design forward. As such, a minimalist, retro take like the one shown in this rendering is something we may expect from a potential one-off or few-off based on the Aventador successor—we’ll certainly get our fair share of such Raging Bulls.



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