2022 Ford Bronco Platform Race Truck Carries Carbon-Bodied OG Bronco in Stanced CGI

The revived 2022 Ford Bronco stands for so many things (more on this below), but there’s one aspect neither Ford, nor the aftermarket have addressed so far and that is offering a truck version. This rendering takes care of that, albeit while bringing in a cocktail of eccentric aspects that instantly turns the vehicle into a motorsport tool.

For starters, the Bronco is a key part of the off-roading segment’s resurgence, engaging the Jeep Wrangler in a way the Chevrolet Blazer can’t (now that GM has turned it into a crossover). Then there’s the fact that the nameplate keeps our beloved ICE (internal combustion engine) alive—keep in mind that its maker has recently split into distinct, yet interlinked, entities based on the source of energy its vehicles use: there’s Ford Blue for ICE vehicles and Ford Model e for EVs and connectivity.

Then there’s the Bronco DR Baja racer and, of course, the brand spanking new Bronco Raptor showroom star (many fans simply call this the Braptor).

However, as mentioned above, the Blue Oval has yet to deliver a truck incarnation. Rumors about the carmaker planning a bed-augmented version for the 2024 model year had been going strong until last summer when reports of such plans having been canceled emerged.

One could argue that properly doing battle with the Wrangler would also mean challenging its Gladiator version in the mid-size truck segment. Then again, Ford already has the Raptor covering that side of the market, albeit without the heritage styling component.

Leave it to third parties to deliver sixth-gen Bronco trucks

Until the aftermarket gets to attached a bed to the new Bronco, digital artists are glad to assist. Of course, we should expect these digital masters to manifest their personalities while they’re at it.

Case in point with this 2022 Bronco, which has been put into pixels by Dom Host (aka altered_intent), who likes to chop old-school rides in his real-life garage when he’s not in front of the computer.

Thus, the Ford has been given a platform truck conversion. However, this is the kind of hauler that can compete on its own once the cargo is unloaded, hence the description in the title.

The toy has been gifted with air suspension, aero elements ranging from a massive front splitter to widebody fenders and custom wheels shod in Goodyear slicks.

The precious cargo

For one, the platform truck could always race the very vehicle on its back. That’s because we’re talking about a first-generation Bronco that’s been given an all-out motorsport conversion. And not the rugged terrain kind. Oh no. This asphalt-hugging remastered classic leaves the impression that it can’t wait to take on a road course.

These 1960s/1970s Bronco builds were already commanding astronomical prices before the new model came out and it seems the trend is going nowhere.

And this example wouldn’t just be expensive due to the market. After all, it does seem to wrap a tubular chassis in carbon fiber panels, among others.

We’re enjoying the fruits of a collab between two digital artists

In case you’re wondering how this project was born, we’ll mention that the work is the result of a brainstorming session completed with Elio Anzora (aka jdmcarrenders). Elio, whose work we’ve also previously featured, took a different path, delivering a patina-style combo.

And, over on his Instagram page, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the mix between the 2022 Bronco platform truck and a slammed second-gen Bronco (1977-1979) riding on wheels that seem to be at least 26 inches in diameter.

Fortunately, those of us who thought about a little get-together are not alone, as Host has already promised to do something about this in the future: “I will also be combing both our ramp trucks so I can compose all 4 vehicles together!



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