Doug DeMuro Reviews Ferrari 360 Modena, His Most Famous YouTube Car

Doug DeMuro’s YouTube channel wasn’t always about the “quirks and features.” One decade ago, he quit his job working for a major automaker, bought a Ferrari 360, and began making videos. Today, Doug is back behind the wheel of that supercar once again, and it’s a very nostalgic moment.

Doug DeMuro is probably the most famous car YouTuber in the world, known for his simple yet informative reviews. Today, he’s a multi-millionaire thanks to his online auction website. But back many years ago, he was working for Porsche.

While the job gave him access to some interesting 911, Doug quit his job after one year, in 2013. He started writing for Jalopnik and Autotrader. At the same time, his YouTube channel was just getting started, making vlog content. These videos were connected to the vlogs, answering questions and buying cars recommended by readers.

His major breakthrough came when DeMuro decided to buy a car he couldn’t really afford in January 2014. Using all the money he had, the YouTuber financed a red Ferrari 360 costing $83,000. The car was so expensive that he could only afford it for a year, but in that period, some amazingly entertaining videos skyrocketed his channel’s popularity.

This… was Doug’s first supercar in 2014

People wanted to know what it’s like to daily-drive a Ferrari. Sure, the 360 was relatively affordable, but maintaining it was very expensive. And despite being a bright red sports car, it only attracted older men instead of the girl you might have hoped for.

It’s been 8 years since Doug sold his Ferrari 360, and when a yellow example was listed on Cars & Bids, he just couldn’t resist doing a review. It’s like getting in touch with an old friend.

The 2023 review of the Ferrari 360 Modena starts by calling this the best Ferrari for people who are scared to own a Ferrari. Doug’s friend Kennan happens to own the F355, the V8 supercar which came right before it. And while this is stunning and exciting, it’s also unreliable.

It’s worth noting that is a particularly nice model. The Modena is the “normal” version of the 360, made from 1999 until 2004. It comes with the Tipo F131 V8 engine, a 3.6-liter making 395 hp, which frankly sounds way better than any modern Ferrari.

Normally, the 360 is pretty cheap, averaging around $75,000. However, this example is Giallo Modena and has the 6-speed gated manual, not the “F1 gearbox.” It could be worth $120,000. What do you think, can this give the Porsche Carrera GT a run for its money, and is Doug tempted to buy back his first supercar?



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