Hoovies Farm: YouTuber Tyler Hoover Buys Massive 1895 Kansas Farm for “Car Guy Paradise”

Over a month ago, one of the most famous personalities in the car world had to sell his well-known garage and several vehicles. That’s right; we’re talking about YouTuber Tyler Hoover who said an emotional goodbye to his famous Hoovie’s Garage location.

Speculation was rampant. Not only was Tyler seemingly selling a large portion of his car collection, but he also appeared to be quite unhappy. Did the same thing happen to him as Tavarish?

Several articles have claimed that he is still happily married to Quynh Anh Hoover (since 2019). However, we found a Reddit post claiming Tyler was seen with his new girlfriend at Amelia Island, and on March 13, a petition for divorce was filed with the Kansas District Court. His famous house and garage in Wichita are also listed for sale at $989,100, so it appears the YouTuber really is going through some tough times.

Tyler has been quite open about his new relationship, even starting a new YouTube channel with his supermodel girlfriend April Rose called Good Morning YouTube.

But rather than dwell on the past, Tyler Hoover is thinking about the future and has bought a new house. Specifically, the famous car YouTuber has purchased a farmstead near Belleville, Kansas that was originally built in 1985, and he plans to turn this into the “ultimate car guy’s paradise.”

It’s a much bolder claim than you think. As a popular presenter of Barrett-Jackson auctions, Tyler “Hoovie” Hoover has seen all kinds of private collections and museums. There’s no doubt in my mind that Hoovies Farm is going to be the next big thing in exotics, cool hoopties, and memorabilia. And he specifically mentions Stradman’s expensive new house as a point of reference.

In case you didn’t know, Stradman went way over budget and ended up spending $3,000,000 on his mansion in Utah. Tyler didn’t want to deal with the delays and instead bought something pre-existing.

Where is Hoovies Farm locate?

Hoovie’s new farm is located right on the edge of nowhere, as many people would put it. The property is at 2708 North Andover Road.

Andover is a city in Butler County, Kansas, a suburb on the northeast side of Wichita with a population of about 15,000 people. Although the property is listed at $999,900, Tyler claims he paid “well under a million dollars,” so he must have negotiated at least a 10% discount.

The main house is described as classic Americana, featuring 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The new concrete foundation, done in the late 1980s, houses the geothermal heat pumps/HVAC and tankless on-demand water heater.

Andover is a 35-minute drive from Newton, home to the Car Wizard. He’s already visited the farm, inspected it, and recommended the demolition of one of the sheds.

Hoovies Garage 3.0

The farmstead was founded way back in 1895, making it almost 130 years old. It used to be the center of a corn farm, but also had cattle and chicken on the property. The house itself was recently refurbished and even has a brand-new foundation. Several barns and sheds are scattered around the property. And while a few of them can house vehicles, none o them are worthy of the Hoovies Garage name.

One barn will house a professional studio, presumably to do talk-show type of content. But the massive garage is yet to be built. Tyler envisions his 3.0 garage to be 60-80 feet wide at the opening and up to 100 feet long. So it could potentially be 6000 or 8000 square feet, big enough for about 50 vehicles.



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