Rivian R1T Launch Edition for Sale at $150,000: Worth Double the Money?

There’s no question that the Rivian R1T is a revolutionary new vehicle. But apparently, it also works great as a financial investment, because we found one for sale at about double its official price: $150,000.

To be more precise, VIN 7FCTGAAL4NN002975 is a Rivian R1T Launch Edition that’s currently sitting with Garage Kept Motors, who wants $149,900 for an EV that already has 479 miles on the clock. And we thought it’s worth talking about, since new car markups are crazy right now, plus there was that whole Rivian price scandal about a month ago.

EV early adopter ad Rivian order holder Marques Brownlee recently talked about this company being one of the few to transition into actual custom deliveries. Many others have gathered billions from investors but never managed to actually build a factory and sell cars. And even Tesla is late with its Cybertruck.

But there was a huge scandal that rocked Rivian to the core in March. The EV maker announced that the prices of the R1T were going up by 17% and the R1S SUV by about 20%. After a huge backlash, they said existing orders wouldn’t be affected and those previous holders of slots who canceled their orders could re-register at the old price for a set time.

Rivian showed the R1T in 2018 with an AWD system that consisted of quad motors, which really made it stand out. Until recently, you could order one for $67,500. And even at the new price of $79,000, it sounds like a bargain. For the record, the Launch Editon cost $74,000, so almost exactly half of what they’re asking.

Parts costs, raw materials, and especially those pesky semiconductors have become more expensive in recent years. And the truck is known for using a combination of Bosch motors and electronics.

The quad-motor R1T produces more than 800 horsepower and 900 lb-ft of torque. It was a range of 314 miles according to the EPA and can tow 11,000 pounds. We’ve also seen it win numerous drag races against even the best V8-powered pickups on the market today.

Thanks to all that power, the R1T can do 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds. It’s great at off-roading and accelerates like a sports car. Rivian also offers a number of unique options for the outdoorsy types, such as a 3-person tent and built-in camping kitchen. But it’s worth noting that this is sized more like a mid-sized truck. That makes me wonder if Hummer EV markups will set new records.



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