Meet Misa, the Influencer Who Reviews Parking Lots

The review has become one of the building blocks of the (digital) society—if you don’t usually give reviews, you’re at least using them for your research when visiting a doctor or choosing your next purchase. Then again, an influencer known as (Chelsea) Misa does parking lot reviews and it seems social media is hooked up on her short clips.

Around September last year, Misa started doing parking lot reviews, letting the world know this would be her new hobby—is there a hint of sarcasm in that announcement? There may be, but that’s for each of you to decide once you check out the first vid below, which isn’t a review, but more of a background story.

More importantly, her activity hasn’t gone unnoticed. On TikTok, where she’s been posting as misa.2 since 2020, her parking lot reviews had between 250k and 1.5M views per clip at the time of writing.

On Instagram, where she’s known as Chelsea Misa and has been active since 2014, the parking lot clips have smaller numbers, but they’ve still amassed between 75k and 475k likes each.

The videos keep it simple, with an easy-going style even when it comes to the negative sides of the areas where one is supposed to leave their vehicle. Bonus bits? These include parts like running over speed bumps and (of course) filming cats.

At first, you may be tempted to dismiss all this—here’s Guardian broadcaster, writer, and columnist Adrian Chiles doing just that in an opinion piece published last October, albeit while referring to a parking space rather than the whole lot. How on earth was one supposed to review a parking space? he wrote after one of his friends got an email from an online parking app provider asking him to review his parking space.

However, the sheer idea that Misa seems to have found her niche in today’s overly crowded social media realm speaks volumes. Plus, as we’ve established above, the influencer’s parking lot reviews are popular.

Misa reviews parking lots in Japan and the US

As she explains in an Instagram video, Misa’s mom is Japanese, which may explain why much of her content, parking lot reviews included, comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. However, she’s also reviewed American parking lots.

Sure, not all the comments are positive and she’s only uploaded about a dozen of these parking lot reviews to date. But, also according to the comments sections of the clips, the feedback seems to be positive. So while she’s not the first to post parking lot reviews on social media, she may just go down in Internet history as the first to be successful at it.

Whether using a steering wheel or our very legs to get around, most of us pay (a bit of ) attention to parking lots in our daily lives—some exceptions have made it to the news. But we usually forget all about these transitional spaces as soon as we’ve left them behind (unless you’re in San Francisco and have to park with your windows open). Still, with Misa’s work appearing to spread, more people may just give random parking lots a second and even a third look from now on.



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