2023 Nissan Z Gets “Proto” Body Kit and 240Z Orange Paint in Japan

The 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon opened its doors today and Nissan decided to build something for its tuning fans. That’s the “Fairlady Z Customized Proto” in orange and the Proto Spec (yellow) which will be sold in 240 units with orders opening up in a few months.

It’s no secret that the 350Z and 370Z were some of the most popular cars for tuners over the past couple of decades. And while calling the new model “400Z” probably would have been better for business, the “New Z” is sure to catch the attention of the sports car community.

After all, it’s looking like Nissan will be able to sell a 2-door that’s cheaper than the Toyota Supra with a decent six-cylinder and a turbo. Oh, and it’s not made by BMW, has a manual and some decent retro looks.

The New Z is called Fairlady Z in Japan, just like the classic generation. For of them are being shown in Tokyo, including the blue model that’s stock and a race car which will compete in the GT500 class. But this orange beauty is what everybody’s talking about.

The intention with this Proto version is obviously to eco the era of the 240Z and the 280Z. The most noticeable changes are at the front, where Nissan has changed the already retro-looking bumper. The new one has two grilles, just like the Fairlady had in the 1970s.

A tribute to the Z432R Racing Edition

The orange color is the same as that of the Fairlady Z432R, which is the most valuable Z in the world. One of these classics sold for $800,000.The new prototype also comes with different 19-inch black wheels that are covered in Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tires (front 255 / 40R19, rear 285 / 35R19).

The bumper also has a spoiler effect, and the revised hood comes with a blacked-out section on the power dome. Obviously, it’s a Datsun-tyle design, but it somehow also resembles GM’s products from the last decade. More specifically, we see the C7 Corvette and the pre-facelift Camaro here.

The Proto Z clearly has a full body kit going on. Subtle but very cool fender flares have been added, looking like the black inserts that used to be bolted onto classic Datsuns. New side skirts have been created as well, along with a diffuser and a trunk spoiler.

A new sports exhaust system and carbon diffuser are also fitted. Knowing Nissan, this will be for sale soon, and it could be an alternative to the Nismo since this sports car is all about being retro, not a racer.

All 2023 Nissan Fairlady Z models will be sold with the 3.0-liter VR30DDTT, which is a turbocharged V6 making a claimed 400 hp and 350 lb-ft (475 Nm) of torque. Full prices haven’t been announced in Japan, but the Proto Spec flagship will sell for 6,966,300 yen ($61,218).



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