TJ Hunt Buys 2023 Nissan Z Proto, Shows StreetHunter Widebody Kit for SEMA

TJ Hunt owes a lot of his success to the JDM car scene, and it just so happens Nissan just launched a brand new sports car legend. So the YouTuber just had to grab a bright yellow 2023 Nissan Z Proto, 1 of 240 in America, and plans to make an amazing body kit under his StreetHunter brand.

It’s been more than 13 years since the 370Z came out, so a successor is a big deal. But the 2023 Nissan Z also brings retro design which everybody seems to love, plus that twin-turbo juice for the V6 engine. If the Supra has taught us anything, body kits, coilovers, and custom wheels are going to flood the Z scene.

Also, markups are obviously going to be a problem. And although TJ doesn’t mention the price of his new Nissan Z, we’ve already done a full story on this exact Proto example. It’s the one selling for a record $124,915 out of Sutherlin Nissan. I couldn’t believe it at first, but Mr. Hunt really did fly across the country just to buy the sports car at double MSRP.

Update on price: During a collaboration video with Adam LZ (at the end of the article), TJ said the Z Proto was the only one he could find for sale and he ended up getting it for $80,000. If true, the dealership must have value the publicity they were getting.

The Nissan Z is in high demand, partly because of parts shortages. The dealership representative says this is one of just two examples they are getting right now. Also, the company has issued a stop-sale on the automatic versions. In addition, this is the Z Proto, named after the preview concept, and they’re only making 240 with these fancy gold wheels.

Like the YouTuber says, StreetHunter was already the first to release a widebody kit for the new Nissan Z. That was for pro drifter Chris Forsberg and essentially wrapped a 1300 hp racing car in a body that only resembled the 2023 model. Whereas this is a real widebody kit that you’ll be able to put on your overpriced purchase. The price hasn’t been revealed, but it’s probably going to be under $10,000.

StreetHunter’s aggressive take on the new “400Z” involves massive fender flares that are added cleanly to the existing bodywork. Lots of gaping air scoops and intakes stop it from looking retro and bring the design to Lamborghini Murcielago levels. It’s perhaps fitting that the Z looks like a Lambo now, considering the Diablo came with 300Z headlights.

Of course, when you do a body kit like this, you want to take the car all the way to the ground with skirts and spoilers too. The next SEMA show is in November, so it will be a real rush to scan the yellow Nissan, 3D print the parts, install coilovers, and make sure these RAYS wheels can slide right under. We know TJ likes tuned engines too, and the dyno could actually be the firs stop for this expensive Proto.



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