Full Carbon Package 2023 Nissan Z Sharpens Up for SEMA

With less than one month to go before SEMA 2023 (October 31-November 3), the 2023 Nissan Z (aka 400Z) won’t be at its first rodeo, since the RZ34 generation made its tuning debut at least year’s edition of the Las Vegas event. Meanwhile, aftermarket developers have had the time to dig deeper into the JDM machine—no seriously, this full carbon package 2023 Nissan Z has left quite a few factory body panels behind.

With a few exceptions like the now-aging ND Miata, all modern performance vehicles could use some weight savings, no matter the magnitude. So seeing this 2023 Nissan Z getting attention from Seibon Carbon seems like just what the doctor ordered. To be more precise, the US developer has prepared a CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) package for the 2023 Nissan Z (400Z).

The package starts with a front lip including functional cooling ducts for the front brakes—this replaces the factory bumper skirt. Then we have multiple hood choices, whose pricing ranges from an OEM-style CFRP unit ($1,400) to an OEM-style dry carbon hood that costs $3,000.

The list goes on with CFRP side skirts, roof, doors ($3,300), and the trunk lid/hatch ($1,420). Finally, we get a $560 rear top spoiler (the one sitting at the top of the rear window) and a $800 ducktail spoiler, along with a three-piece rear diffuser.

The developer doesn’t mention the exact weight savings on its website. However, the fact that the 3,500 lbs curb weight of the Nissan Z makes it around 120 lbs heavier than its Mk V Toyota Supra nemesis speaks for itself—here’s a drag race between the two JDM sports cars.

You’ll meet this carbon Nissan Z at SEMA 2023

Naturally, the clear-coated carbon look plays a major role here, so you won’t be surprised to find out that YouTuber Dustin Williams recently installed most of the parts above on his 2023 Nissan Z Proto special edition. However, since the video he made about the car, which awaits you below, talks about a “full carbon package”, perhaps the list will grow even further.

And yes, the car is coming to SEMA 2023, but not before it will get some extra goodies like a new exhaust and possibly new wheels. Currently, the Z rides on 19-inch Volk Racing NE24 wheels. Speaking of JDM goodies, Dustin Williams filmed his most popular content in Japan, especially in Tokyo.

Dustin’s Nissan Z has also been showcased at SEMA 2022 and the car still has full botn-on from AMS Performance, which means its twin-turbo 3.0L V6 was taken from 400 to around 500 hp.

Speaking of performance, we’ll enter the quarter-mile arena. Here, modded examples of the 2023 Nissan Z are still 9s cars, while the Mk V Supra’s longer market presence and BMW heart—no shots intended other than nitrous—mean the Toyota is now in the 7s quarter-mile range. So here’s to hoping SEMA will reduce that gap.



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