2024 Ford Mustang Gains Carbon Body Panels for EcoBoost, GT and Dark Horse

With the 2024 Ford Mustang matching its predecessor’s performance, owners are going to seek every way of making the S650 even quicker. Of course, for many muscle car drivers, the idea of having exposed carbon panels—something not usually found on these brutes—is dominated by aesthetics. Well, regardless of your hook, you should know that the 2024 Mustang received a host of carbon fiber body panels at the SEMA show.

Truth be told, Ford itself set the tone by offering the Mustang Dark Horse with optional carbon fiber wheels—tipping the scales at 20.1 lbs apiece, these are 37% lighter than the standard aluminum Dark Horse wheels. However, they cost a pretty penny, namely $8,995, plus the mandatory $4,995 Handling Package, for a total of $13,990.

The price for the aftermarket carbon body panels of the 2024 Mustang

Then again, the S650 Mustang carbon parts that brought us here are aftermarket bits. Manufactured by California-based Anderson Composites, these are made entirely out of carbon fiber rather than using CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer), which is less expensive, but not as strong.

The specialist fitted the 2024 Mustang with carbon fiber parts that replicate the factory ones in design, namely the hood and the trunk lid. Both consist of double-sided carbon fiber offerings and you can also choose between two carbon fiber rear spoilers.

The S650 Mustang’s carbon hood costs S2,099, while the trunk lid will set you back $1,499. Then we have the decklid spoilers, which are offered for $799 and $649. All the said parts fit the 2024 Mustang EcoBoost, GT and, of course, the Dark Horse. Still, the posterior ones are fit for the Mustang Coupe, but not for the Convertible.

Nevertheless, the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse the company displayed at SEMA also came with carbon fiber mirror covers, as well as a carbon fiber lip spoiler up front—at the time of press, there was no pricing for these bits, though.

And, to return to the Blue Oval’s stable again, we’ll remind you that Ford Performance used SEMA 2023 to announce an 800 hp Whipple supercharger kit for the S650 Mustang’s 5.0-liter V8, which takes the GT’s Gen IV Coyote from its base output of 480 hp to a Shelby-obliterating 800 hp—a Dark Horse supercharger kit is in the works too.

So while many prefer to enjoy the new Mustang as a relatively affordable way into the realm of speed (think: $50,000 V8 specs), others may wish to give C8 Corvettes a hard time with their carbon-clad, pumped-up S650 ponies.

And while we’re talking all-out muscle, this 2,000 hp, tube-frame 1973 Pontiac Firebird was our favorite SEMA build this year.



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