Nissan 400Z StreetHunter Widebody Debuts at SEMA 2022 With Replacement Fenders

Rush jobs are not uncommon at SEMA because being the first to do anything significant is important. SteetHunter is the first to offer a complete widebody kit for the all-new 2023 Nissan 400Z, but it’s also a well-executed build that’s got JDM fans excited.

Tj Hunt, who describes himself as a YouTuber with too many cars, is best known for his Japanese car projects. And this year, he brought no less than three, a Veilside Mazda RX7 (like the one in Tokyo Drift but green), the GR86/BRZ widebody which we just showed you, and this, the “Street Kit” for the 400Z.

For well under $10,000, you too will be able your brand new Nissan Z from a soft sports car into the low-riding cruising machine straight out of NFS. The package is over-the-top, but preserves just enough of the original character.

Starting at the bumper now has a deep chin spoiler made of clear-coated carbon fiber. The piece de resistance is the new front fender, which is a complete replacement, not a bolt-on, and was inspired by a particular Nismo-tuned R34 GT-R, the “Z-tune”.

Tj’s favorite view of the car is from the rear 3/4, where you can see the vents on the front fender and double-rounded vents on the rear fender flares. I think they match the retro design of the taillights very well.

What else is on the SEMA-built 400Z

As you’re probably aware, the YouTuber had trouble finding a car to build and ended up flying to Florida where he picked up 1-of-240 Proto Z example for around $80,000.

The factory yellow paint and custom body kit were then covered up in a Laguna Seca Blue wrap. That’s supposed to be a BMW color, but it looks a bit more metallic to my eyes.

It does have one notable performance mod. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 breathes a little better thanks to a custom MagnaFlow xMOD exhaust system. We’ve already talked about wheels, but the TE37s have been swapped out for 3-piece HRE alloys that better pull off the “hellaflush” look for SEMA.



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