Bolt-Ons 2023 Nissan Z With 500 WHP Delivers 11s Quarter-Mile Run, Could Do 10s on Prepped Surface

When introducing the 2023 Nissan Z, the carmaker announced it would gift the U.S. with 240 units of the Z Proto Spec limited edition, a tribute to the Z Proto concept revealed two years ago. And while one might normally link such specials to the collector market, with these being among the first new Zs delivered, they are also the test beds of aftermarket specialists. Speaking of which, the Ikazuchi Yellow Z Proto Spec you’re looking at recently became the first 2023 Z to pass the 500 wheel horsepower barrier, as well as the first to deliver an 11s quarter-mile run.

In factory trim, which involves the twin-turbo 3.0L V6 churning out 400 hp and 350 lb-ft (at the crankshaft), a 2023 Nissan Z (or 400Z as some still call it) with a nine-speed automatic is a low-12s car. Note that back in May, Hagerty tested it at 12.3s at 116 mph on a non-prepped surface, just like you’d find on the street.

However, this 2023 Z Proto Spec managed to cover the quarter-mile in 11.4s at 124 mph. The sports car is owned by Illinois-based AMS Performance, a tuner with a soft spot for Nissans and Infinitis. And with the VR30DDTT engine of the 2023 Nissan Z having powered Infinitis for quite a while, the company wasted no time in handling the stunt. For the record, the powerplant does feature a 45cc displacement increase for the Nissan Z, since this packs a 3,042cc version while Infinitis offer a 2,997cc iteration.

Regardless, the engine now makes 500 wheel horsepower and, if our take on the blurry dyno image is correct, 520 lb-ft of torque—would you look at how consistently the oomph is delivered! And since those are the numbers at the wheels, the crankshaft output sits at 588 hp and 611 lb-ft, which is stock GT-R territory.

The figures were achieved by using what AMS describes as basic bolt-ons: a full exhaust (downturns included) and a 100-octane fuel tune, along with a prototype heat exchanger and intercoolers.

A drag strip assault is coming

The 1/4-mile data was confirmed by using a Draggy and you can see that the 1.86s 60-foot time leaves some room for improvement. In fact, as the specialist explains, the Hoosier 23-inch slicks (D06 compound) used for the testing most likely had a negative impact on that 60-foot number given the cold, unprepped surface.

However, the company is now turning up the boost and using a prepped surface—we can even see some images of the 2023 Z fitted with skinny front wheels. And while it could be a bit of a stretch given the early stage of development, we might see such a setup resulting in a high-10s quarter-mile run.

Meanwhile, YouTuber TJ Hunt is preparing his 2023 Nissan Z StreetHunter widebody kit for next month’s SEMA show, with his… Ikazuchi Yellow Z Proto Spec having already received air suspension.

Bonus: with only a week separating AMS Performance’s 2023 Nissan Z from its SEMA appearance, the specialist turned up the heat even further. The results, which are highlighted in the second Insta post below, are mighty impressive: 719 hp and 592 lb-ft of torque at the wheels (some 840 hp and 690 lb-ft at the crankshaft) and a 9.92s quarter-mile at 127 mph!



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