US-Spec 2022 Golf GTI Gets Clubsport Muffler from Europe, Sounds Angry

A new GTI being launched means we’re watching Deutsche Auto Parts’ YouTube channel just to see how it can be modified. And we were surprised to see some “exotic” parts being fitted. Namely, a rear muffler from the GTI Clubsport was shipped from Europe.

For 2022, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is quite similar on both sides of the ocean. However, America still doesn’t get the special versions. Over in Europe, VW faces stiff competition from many hot hatches we don’t have. And their response is a mode track-focused version of the car.

In 2016, the GTI Clubsport burst onto the scene, setting some Nurburgring lap records. Volkswagen also had the Clubsport S, the Clubsport Edition 40, and the TCR. Are we forgetting anything? Basically, they’re all more focused, stiff, and come closer to the Golf R in terms of turbo power.

The 2022 GTI Clubsport delivers 296 hp (300 PS) and 295 lb-ft, so it’s 59 hp above the regular GTI and also more powerful than an old Golf R. Most of that is down to the turbo and mapping, but we know that backpressure from the exhaust can help in the horsepower department too.

Cheap upgrades

The imported European muffler costs $400. On top of that, you’ll probably need a more aggressive Clubsport rear valence, which is another $157. It’s not bad. A custom aftermarket exhaust can cost even more than that, plus with the VW parts, you get that OEM look.

The tips on the Clubsport and wider, plus the muffler itself is smaller, which suggests to us that it’s a performance part. The installation is pretty simple; the guy saws off the old muffler and clamps on the new one with the help of a sleeve clamp. The valence also changes quite easily. Volkswagen made most of the parts interchangeable, so the GTI is straightforward to work on, something owners really appreciate.

This quick-fix has a dramatic effect on the way the car sounds. The 2.0-liter TSI turbo pops and crackles. We think it sounds a lot like the Veloster N now. It’s possible that the muffler also added another 5 hp or so.

DAP clearly has ordered other Clubsport parts, like the sports front bumper with a deep chin. VW owners love to upgrade to European lights, and we presume some interior mods are also on their way.



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